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Friday I’m In Love #22

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Konami Code by Nick Inglis | Friday I'm In Love |

Konami Code by Nick Inglis available at Society 6

This was a crazy busy week for me and Rick, but we did still manage to finish watching Avatar: The Last Air Bender. At this rate we should be finished The Legend of Korra just in time for Book 2!

Here’s how you should waste your time this weekend.

I figured everyone has already seen this Montreal Metro Map down in Super Mario 3 style by now, but just in case you haven’t, you can check it out on artist Dave Delisle’s website here.

Considering getting some ink, but not sure you’re ready to commit? Why not check out Dottinghill, a Threadless style site for community curated designer temporary tattoos. via The Geeky Hostess

Anyone from Sweden want to buy me this Minecraft creeper mug and then ship it to me in Canada? I’m totally good for it.

While we’re on the subject of covet-able items, I really think I need this Agent Coulson t-shirt, don’t you?

For Rick and the thousands of other fur-daddies out there, Brian Donovan speaks out for all you male cat owners tired of being stigmatized.

Design student Murat Palta created these clever mash-ups of contemporary film and Ottoman-style miniatures. Isn’t the attention to detail impressive? I think the Kill Bill one is my favourite.

Does being a “classic” automatically make something better? Will our grandkids care if they never play the original Castlevania? Indie Gamer Chick Kairi sounds off on why her age makes her voice unique.

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