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Half of Life 2 by PAUSE | Friday I'm In Love |
Half of Life 2 by PAUSE available at Society 6

Hello lovelies! Last weekend/week was all about hanging out with my amazing sister Kat and spending waaaay too much money on stuff. Oh well, at least we had fun.

This weekend involves board games, lobster dinner with the in-laws and some much overdue spring cleaning.

Link Time!

Cat butts!!!

Proof that Candy Crush can be bad for your health. Or at least, playing it all-day every day for six weeks is.

Cute and practical! 3D printed, architecture inspired homes for hermit crabs.

Looking for something to play this weekend? You can play three of Theresa Duncan’s groundbreaking fem-friendly games right in your browser!

Unsurprisingly to anyone who has actually played a video game, a new study finds that games can be meaningful experiences for those who play them.

On setting video game limits when you aren’t the parent.

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The ‘bro-grammer’ stereotype is new, and it’s a big problem.

A mouse that reads your sweat (and your heartbeat).

And finally, the sexual undertones of Super Mario Bros. Brought to you by Vice, obvs.

Dragon’s Loyalty & Creative Blogger Awards.

Dragon's Loyalty & Creative Blogger Awards |

The lovely Kayly of My Open Sketchbook recently nominated me for both the Dragon’s Loyalty & Creative Blogger awards. I’ve been nominated for blog awards before and the rules are usually similar, but with little tweaks and variations depending on how the award has originated and evolved. Basically it’s just a really fun way to get to know a bit more about your favourite bloggers and hopefully discover some new blogs in the process.

Like Kayly, I’m combining the rules of both awards into one big monster post. Some of the facts below may be familiar to long (long) time readers of Gamerwife, but since I seem to have attracted a lot of new readers recently, hopefully everyone can learn a little something about little old me.

Dragon’s Loyalty Award Rules:
Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.
You must share 7 things other bloggers may not know about you.
Nominate up to 15 bloggers for Dragon’s Loyalty Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog

Creative Blogger Tag Rules:
Nominate 10-20 blogs and notify all nominees through their social media/blogs.
Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you.
Share five facts about yourself to your readers.
Pass these rules onto them.

So, without further ado are twelve facts you probably don’t know about me:

1. My voice appears in a video game that was briefly banned in Ausltralia.
2. I have Brachydactyly D (a.k.a. toe-thumbs) & E in both my hands and one foot.
3. I’ve been allergic to chocolate since I was 3 years old.
4. Mariko is actually my middle name.
5. I have 8 tattoos, one of which is actually a linguistics pun.
6. I briefly ran a vegan cupcake business called Arigateaux.
7. I love karaoke, despite barely being able to carry a tune.
8. I once did burlesque under the name Sweet Lulu.
9. I hate raw tomatoes, but love sun-dried tomatoes and tomato sauce.
10. I learned to read in French before I learned to read in English, despite English being my mother tongue.
11. I slept with a nightlight until I was 15.
12. In college I streaked during a screening of Charlie’s Angels.

And I nominate:
My Life As a Teacup
Adorkable Me
Lady Serpentine
Candyfloss Ramparts
The Geeky Burrow
Mama Needs Mana
Fancy Dresscapades

Can’t wait to learn more about you all!

My Top 5 Instagram Cats

My Top 5 Instagram Cats |

Even though I only jumped on the Instagram bandwagon 6 months ago, it has quickly become my favourite social media channel. Unlike other social media outlets (I’m looking at you, Twitter), Instagram is generally a really nice, positive place to hang out. Comments are always cheerful and positive, and guess what?

Instagram is full of cats!

So many cats!

I probably follow more cats on Instagram than I do human. No, scratch that. I totally follow more cats than humans. I’m not even sure what the total number of cat accounts I follow is, I lost counts months ago.

So, being that I am something of an Instagram cat expert at this point I figured I’d take a moment are share with you (in no particular order) 5 of my favourite Instagram cats.

My Cat Kyle

#TTT… #TummyTuckTuesday

A photo posted by @mycatkyle on

My Cat Kyle is a very unique cat. He’s got 3 teeth, no claws, severe dandruff, hip dysplasia, and a crooked ear. Also, he witnessed a murder. Which is why he campaigns against domestic violence. See, you can be cute and do good at the same time.

Lil Bub

Lil BUB is easily one of the most famous cats on the internet, distinguished by her unique looks and perpetual good mood. She even hosted her own chat show. I especially like that she has her own fund to help special needs pets. Way to go, BUB!

Pompous Albert

You expect me to endure hearing about your weekends again ? Ugh- shoot me now.

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

Pompous Albert is a hilarious Selkirk Rex with a serious case of resting bitch face. No really, his face is ALWAYS like that. I dunno why, but something about that glare combined with his coarse curly fur makes him extra intimidating. Or is it just me?

Miss Raspberry Kittay
Miss Raspberry Kittay might at first glance look like yet another Princess Monster Truck lookalike, but something about her extra fluffy fur and her propensity for costumes give her a special place in my heart. You can even get leggings with her glorious face on them!


Last, but certainly not least, Atchoum is part Wookie, part Werewolf, and all cat. He suffers from a rare disorder called hypertrichosis, which basically means that his fur never stops growing. Often mistaken for an unkempt puppy, Atchoum is all kitty. And he’s a Habs fan!

Who are your favourite Instagram kitties?

My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List |
Now that summer is upon us and I’m feeling ready to take on the world, I decided it would be fun to come up with a few activities for myself to tackle during these hotter months. A summer bucket list as it were. Most are things that only work outside, but one is a little personal goal I know that can tackle now that I’m back to working from home.

1. Ride a roller coaster.
This is one that Rick and I say we will do every summer and every summer we fail to do it. La Ronde, the Six Flags park in Montreal is also home to the largest wooden roller coaster in Canada, called (appropriately enough) Le Monstre. I’m actually a HUGE roller coaster fan and a wooden roller coaster aficionado in particular, so the fact that I have yet to ride Le Monstre makes absolutely no sense at all. I figure that by putting it on this list we’ll have no choice but to finally do it.

2. Rock a crop top.
Body confidence is not one of my strong suits, but a new sensible exercise routine and the inspiration of the supremely bad-ass Margot Meanie make me think that I might actually be able to pull this off. I’m not generally one to flash a lot of flesh (I am rapidly approaching mutton-hood, after all), but I never had the confidence to rock this one when they came around the first time, so I figure now might be my last chance to give it a try.

3. Do yoga outside.
I’ve been out of practice for a while, but I love the way doing yoga makes me feel, both body wise and mind wise. So why not take advantage of the fact that there are multiple yoga studios offering outdoor sessions at my local park? I’d been scared of exercising this out in public, but now that I have a flexible schedule again, it seems silly not to at least give it a try.

4. Watch a movie under the stars.
I love movies. I love stars. I love the fact that Montreal has such a wide variety of free outdoor activities. This year they’re even setting up a screen right in the heart of downtown that’ll be screening flicks all summer in conjunction with the various summer festivals. No guarantee I’ll be able to get Rick to come with me since he hates crowds, but personally I can’t wait to see what’s on offer.

5. Learn Esperanto.
Okay, this one probably seems a little (okay, a lot) strange, but bear with me. For those of you not familiar with Esperanto, it’s an artificial language that’s been around since 1887. I’m anything but good at languages, but Esperanto was constructed specifically to be logical and super-easy to learn. Apparently it only takes a couple of months to become fluent, and because it’s based on Romance languages Esperanto is a great bridge to learning lots of other languages I don’t already speak like Spanish and Italian. I also like that Esperato is a “utopian” language, created to break down barriers and promote peace, meaning the the community around it is especially welcoming and supportive.

Do you have any special projects planned this summer?

Friday I’m In Love

The Legend of Zelda: Arrow Attack by Luciana Nascimento | Friday I'm In Love | Gamerwife
The Legend of Zelda: Arrow Attack by Luciana Nascimento available at Sociery 6

Hello my lovelies!

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome back to blogging. You have no idea what your support and encouragement means to me. I know Gamerwife isn’t the biggest blog out there, but the community that’s managed to gather around it means the absolute world to me and I can’t begin to express what you all mean to me.

As for this weekend, it looks like I’ll be going to back to back picnics. Pixelles is having a casual picnic on Saturday and then I’m co-hosting the Montreal Geek Girl Brunch Ghibli Picnic & Bento Competition. Let’s cross our fingers that the weather behaves for us.

Link time!

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