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Iron Bull & Dorian by Choco-Minto | Friday I'm In Love |

Iron Bull & Dorian by Choco-Minto available at Society 6

Hello lovelies!!

I am back from a wonderful, relaxing trip to Mexico with Rick and his family. Which was only marred by the horrific, violent illness that struck us as soon as we were back in Montreal. Blurgh. Sadly, this put a bit of a dent in our plans to be 100 percent back on track productivity wise after baking to a golden brown, but now that the barfing has pretty much subsided we are keen to get back to business.

To that end I have officially joined the Cardboard Utopia team in the office and we already have some exciting news that we can’t announce quite yet. I’m also trying to get caught up enough so that I can finally launch the Geek Girl Brunch Montreal page and start work on my rather ambitious cosplays for 2015.

This weekend will likely involve cleaning and consoling Rick over the giant TV he bought that arrived broken.

Link Time!
I would have added “visual” before design in this list, but there’s still a bunch of super cool stuff on offer.

Can we stop talking about this now?

Super. Useful. Turn an Android tablet into a portable video game emulator.

The best totally glitched out monkey fortune telling simulator you will see today.

Yet more retro games you can play in your browser, including Aladdin, Oregon Trail and a whole bunch of weird porn games.

A brief, visual history of the video game.

Only 32% of Dragon Age Inquisition players play as female, but I think it’s because they know you can only romance Dorian as a dude. Am I right, ladies?

Speaking of which.

They made an Emmanuelle game, and I kinda really want to play it.

And finally, how video games got into our living rooms.

2015 Cosplay Shortlist

In my recent Goals & Resolutions post I mentioned that this year I would try to tackle TWO new cosplays, even though I only really started cosplaying last year. Both will involve some prop making, which will be totally brand new to me and both will also involve wigs, another totally new thing for this super-noob. I also decided to go with one video game themed and one general geekery themed cosplay this year as I am also hoping to up my convention game in 2015 and wanted a bit of flexibility with what costumes I can wear depending on where I am going.

I’ve managed to narrow my choices down, so I figured I would share them with all of you so you can have fun following along and also so I can mine the hivemind for any types or vendor recommendations as I continue on my cosplay journey.

Cosplay 1: Lucca (Chrono Trigger)

Lucca | 2015 Cosplay Shortlist | I first learned about this genius inventor VG heroine when she was nominated as on of the Top Women Video Game Characters of All Time for the panel of the same name at PAX Prime. I’d been aware of Chrono Trigger because it’s one of Rick’s favourite games of all time, but I never realized that there were so many amazing, innovative and interesting female characters in the game until I started playing it myself.

This’ll be my first time sewing for a cosplay, since my chances of finding an orange tunic pre-made are pretty slim, but I think I’ve chosen a simple costume to replicate. The most complicated part of her costume by far will be her helmet, which I should probably start construction on NOW if I have any hope of actually completing it before my August deadline.

Cosplay 2: Marceline (Adventure Time)

Marceline | 2015 Cosplay Shortlist | This is one that had been on my cosplay bucket list and I had toyed with the idea of adding it as a second cosplay last year, but alas time and money conspired against me yet again. Since I am so new to cosplaying and don’t have much in the way of native sewing skills, I’m more comfortable choosing characters and costumes that I can assemble from off the shelf pieces, which this version of Marceline definitely is.

The biggest expense will definitely be the wig, so vendor suggestions are deeply appreciated. Also, I’ve found a pretty good tutorial for making Marceline’s base guitar that I’m very eager to get started on. I’m still considering whether to go the full nine yards and paint my skin grey, but I’ve got some time to mull that over. Now to dig up those plastic fang tips I got in college…


We’ll see whether I manage to do both costumes I’ve planned, but I made sure to have one fairly simple and one more complicated costume just in case I need to refocus my energies. Other concepts I’m playing with in case I feel swamped are a human BMO, a punk rock Wonder Woman and a hipster Snow White. We’ll see what happens…

What are your 2015 cosplay plans?

5 Fandom Friday – My Favourite Things About Winter

5 Fandom Friday | Since I am actually lounging on a beach in Mexico right now (I know, sucks to be me ;p) with no access to the internet and no idea of what is trending right now, I thought I’d do something a little different this Friday and participate in 5 Fandom Friday. For those of you who aren’t familiar, 5 Fandom Friday is a geeky themed link up created by Megan of The Nerdy Girlie and Kristin of Super Space Chick.

I’ve been wanting to participate for a while now, but since I already had a Friday feature, I never did, but this seemed like a great chance to give it a try. This week’s prompt is, ironically enough, My Favourite Things About Winter. I have to say, my attitude towards winter has changed significantly since moving to a city that has 4 distinct seasons, snow and temperatures that can reach -40 C. In fact, it could be said that I never experienced a real winter until I moved to Montreal, so a lot of the things on this list are going to be rather Quebec specific.

Here’s what I love about Quebecois winter:

1. Ice Skating Outside!
Ice Skating Outside | Back in BC it rarely got cold enough to freeze water outside, let alone produce ice thick enough to skate on. But in Quebec? Outdoor ice rinks are everywhere. All you need is a pair of skates and you’re good to go!

2. Sugaring Season!
Tire | I know some people think real maple syrup is gross (those people are wrong), but I cannot get enough of that sweet, sugary goodness. Since sugar maples are native to Quebec, they and the syrup they produce are integral parts of the culture here and no winter is truly complete without a trip to the cabane à sucre (sugar shack) for a ridiculous old timey breakfast and some good ol’ tire (maple taffy). Yum!

3. Cozy sweaters!

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

There’s just something so comforting about wrapping yourself up in a big knitted sweater. Especially if there is a nice fire to curl up in front of or some hot cider to be sipped.

4. Watching the Snow Fall (from a warm vantage point)
Cats vs Squirrel | 5 Fandom Friday | There’s nothing more comforting than watching the world get covered in a big fat white blanket… when you’re safely inside with a nice mug of something warm. I love the stillness that snow fall seems to bring, even if it is a pain to trudge through in the morning.

5. Not shaving my legs!

Hairy Leg Tights |

Credit: Buzzfeed

TMI? Who cares. We all do it, unless we never started shaving them in the first place. In fact, I’d venture the worst thing about this current vacation was having to get in a hairless state in the middle of winter. I miss my fur coat.

What are your favourite things about winter?

Arcade Block Unboxing December 2014

Arcade Block Unboxing December 2014 | As I mentioned in my first Arcade Block unboxing video, I decided to continue with my subscription since I was so happy with my first block and wanted to see if the level of quality would continue in subsequent boxes. Well, my December Arcade Block has arrived and I have to say I probably like the contents of this box even more than the first one!

As I predicted in the video, Rick loves his new T-shirt and was similarly wow-ed by the products in the December box. I think he’s a little jealous that I’m giving the Sonic magnets to my nephew, but he agrees that James will like them even more than we do. He was also really impressed by the Aperture Science scarf, which I have a feeling we’ll be sharing.

I also did get a chance to try out the funny little stick-on joystick and was shocked to find that it actually works. Surprisingly well, depending on the game. I know I would never have bought something like it for myself, but now that I have one it definitely adds a little retro fun to my mobile gaming. Which I guess is what is so great about these types of mystery boxes: getting introduced to new things we’d never buy ourselves, but that turn out to be fun and useful.

Arcade Block December 2014 |
Thinking of getting your own Arcade Block? Here’s the lowdown:
Arcade Block is a nerdy subscription box service offered by Nerd Block. The Arcade Block is just one of 4 different box “types” that you can choose from. There’s the Nerd Block classic for $19.99, which is your basic box of toys & t-shirts a la Loot Crate. They also offer Nerd Block Jr. in boys or girls flavours for $13.99. These ones don’t come with t-shirts, but do seem to include craft items and books as well as the toys and action figures. Nerd Block also offers a Horror Block for all you fellow horror aficionados and of course, the brand new Arcade Block for video game lovers!

The Nerd Block site is very easy to navigate and canceling your Nerd Block is as easy as sending an email to their cancellations department, instructions which are clearly stated in their FAQ, unlike Loot Crate who seem to make their cancellation process as obscure as possible.

I also like that Nerd Block has distribution centers all over the world, which means that I got my box here in Canada at the same time as everyone else in the US or Europe. No waiting around like a looser watching everyone else’s unboxing videos for me.

Arcade Block Tetra Zelda |
*Full Disclosure: I paid for this box out of my own pocket. However, this post does contain affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you sign up for the service through the link. All opinions expressed are my own.