Friday I’m In Love: Holiday Gift Guide Edition

Shepard and Wrex by Choco-Minto

Shepard and Wrex by Choco-Minto available at Society 6

Since I didn’t find the time to make up my own holiday gift guides like I did last year, I figured for this edition of Friday I’m In Love I’d do something a little different and round up some of the best and most interesting gift guides created by some of my favouritest bloggers.

There’s a little something for everyone, no matter what kind of geek you are.

One of my favourite new Canadian bloggers, Margot Meanie did a whole series of gift guides this year, but I think her Strange Girls collection is my absolute fave. I seriously would be happy with anything off this list.

Have a friend/family member with a strong case of wanderlust? Check out Erini’s list of Adventure themed gifts. Her Fandom list is pretty good, too.

Fantastic organization for gaming accessibility, AbleGamers, has an outstanding list of gifts for the differently-abled gamer on your Christmas list.

Gloria over at Little White Whale has a super-fun list of gifts for Children of the 80’s. That LEGO clutch is soooo covetable.

For fashion forward geek gals, Geek Pinata has a delightful round up of Geeky Dresses fit for gift giving. I wouldn’t be unhappy if that Snow White fit and flare dress was under my tree…

Shelby Apples has the ultimate Feminist Gift guide, which is a great mix of humourous and practical (my favourite kinds of gifts).

Family gaming site (and friends of Gamerwife) Pixelkin has a great list of games and apps for kids and families, including some of my favourites games of the year, like Slice Fractions & Monument Valley.

The rad ladies over at Set To Stunning also have a series of lists this year, but I think their Geeky Decor list is the most interesting. The Bags & Purses list is a (very) close second, though.

Our Nerd Home also made a series of gift guides, but their Comics, Horror & Everything Else list is particularly spot on.

And finally, I wanted to share The Geeky Hostess’ gift ideas for RPG Players.

Did I miss your favourite gift guide? Let me know about it in the comments!

Game and Gab for Good Recap

Game and Gab for Good | Game and Gab for Good officially kicked off on December 9th, 2014, and despite a few technical wrinkles I think it all went pretty well. I was a little nervous about how the game stream + panel discussion format would work, but I think most people appreciated that we had something to say other than just gasping when we missed a jump (although there was some of that too).

Most of my reservations about how the event went off are mostly due to Game N Give, the platform we were using to collect funds and stream the event using Twitch, still being in Beta. There were more than a few features that we had to rely on Game N Give employees to configure for us, leading to some confusion (in my mind, anyways) about who was organizing what. I think in the future I’d like to take a much more active roll in organizing the event and speakers, but being that everyone had so much else going on and a lot of it had to be thrown together at the last minute, I think we did fine.

As for the discussion itself, while we did meander a bit towards the end, I think we were able to make some good points about why interesting female characters are important. We all agree that the term “strong” has too often been misinterpreted, where a term like “complex” or “compelling” might work better. As well, there did seem to be a consensus that developers should view the inclusion of diverse characters and settings as a way of setting their game apart and creating a unique story, not simply trying to fill a quota. I think we left with a feeling that as the demographics behind the scenes continue to change, who and what we see in games will continue to change as well.

A big thank you to Esther and Clement from Game N Give for setting everything up and to Esther specifically for all the planning she did, as well as moderating the discussion. Also, a huge thank you to Jessy Beaulieu from French language geek podcast Les Mystérieux étonnants for being our last-minute fourth panelist.

I especially wanted to thank Sam and Whitney from Compulsion Games for hosting us in their studios as well as joining us live for the first half of the livestream. It was great getting all those insights into the development process of Contrast, as well as the inside scoop on all the in-jokes and Easter Eggs in the game.

While we didn’t hit our fundraising target, I’d still consider this first event a success and look forward to making the next event even better!

Boutique Geekatorium: Profile & Style Guide

Boutique Geekatorium Street View | As of September of 2014, Montreal geeks finally have a store catering exclusively to their geeky style needs. Boutique Geekatorium is the brainchild of Cecilia Katan, a veteran geek crafter who decided to take the plunge and open a retail store specifically targeting geeky females (although they do carry lots of men’s and unisex items). Located in the heart of the Plateau on trendy rue St-Denis, Katan said she specifically opted for a lady-friendly look for the interior of the store since women don’t always feel welcome in geek spaces.

Boutique Geekatorium Christmas Tree | With everything from leggings to t-shirts to mugs and purses, Boutique Geekatorium is always adding to their inventory and welcomes customer feedback on what fandoms and brands they’d like to see in-store. To better show off the range of apparel and accessories carried in the store, Cecilia and I decided it would be fun to join forces and put together a little Style Guide of different looks. We even themed them to different occasions to help show how a little geek style can be appropriate no matter the event or season.

All items featured are available in store at Geekatorium unless otherwise noted.

Work Look

Boutique Geekatorium Work Look | Geeky accessories are the perfect way to add a little geeky charm while still keeping things on the DL. For a slightly edgy work look, we outfitted model Andrea Coccia with some C-3PO stud earrings, Sailor Moon suspenders, S.H.I.E.L.D. logo cufflinks and an absolutely fetching black and white graphic Star Wars purse.

Casual Sunday Look

Boutique Geekatorium Casual Sunday Look | There’s nothing better on a lazy Sunday than curling up with a big mug of tea and a good (comic) book. For this look Andrea is wearing matching Pokeball tights and sweater, capped off with TMNT socks (featuring Donatello) and a TMNT mug. Mog the Moogle and Rat Queens trade paperback not included.

Date Night

Boutique Geekatorium Date Night Look | Who says a night on the town can’t have a little geek flair? For this look Andrea is wearing a super-cute Hogwarts themed skater dress with an eye-catching Batman convertible clutch, all topped off with a rather impressive Loki pendant.

Winter Look

Boutique Geekatorium Winter Look | And finally, since winter is well and upon us in la belle province, we wanted to show off some of the great geeky winter wear Geekatorium has on offer, juxtaposed with a great example of some of the awesome geeky t-shirts they stock. Andrea is wearing a Boba Fett tuque (beanie for the rest of you), Doctor Who 4th Doctor scarf and a Bullet Bill tank top.

Boutique Geekatorium Cecilia | Thanks again to Cecilia for helping me put this shoot together and for filling such a much-needed niche here in Montreal. You can check out Boutique Geekatorium for yourself at 4323 rue Saint-Denis (second floor) in Montreal or check out their Facebook Page to keep up with the latest arrivals.