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    Best Genres for Tandem Gaming

    Best Genres for Tandem Gaming | Gamerwife.com

    Regular readers of this blog will know that while I love playing games, and love playing games with my husband Rick, the difference in our respective video game skills can make that pretty difficult. Competitive games mean that I’m usually eating Rick’s dust for most of the experience while cooperative games mean that Rick has to carry me most of the way. However, we’ve found a way to enjoy playing games together where my skill deficit doesn’t matter. We play…

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  • Friday I'm In Love

    Friday I’m In Love #166

    Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Making purchases from these links may result in a commission for this site so that I can buy cat litter. You can learn more…

  • Otakuthon 2016 Cosplay Overwatch Reaper Tracer Mei | Gamerwife.com
    Adventures Geek Life

    Otakuthon 2016

    Due to prior commitments I was only able to attend one day on this year’s Otakuthon convention, unlike last year where I was around for the full 3 days. This meant…

  • How To Avoid Being a Gamer Widow
    Rants & Essays

    How To Avoid Being a Gamer Widow

    While video games are slowly becoming more welcoming to all kinds of people, there is still a persistent trope that plagues partners of hard core gamers. That is, the ‘gamer widow(er),’…