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Storm Crow Tavern, Tattoos and Other Vancouver Adventures

Bub Tattoo Finished | Vancouver Adventures 2015 |

One of the hardest things about living in Montreal is the fact that all of my immediate family still lives in Vancouver. When Rick and I got married we made a deal to at least try to alternate where we spend Christmas each year, which we’ve more or less stuck to when our budget allows. But I won’t lie, it’s hard sometimes. It galls me how much it costs to travel within Canada, I mean, I know it’s a big…

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Adventures Geek Life

Vancouver Recap & Birthday Loot

Sorry for the extended absence, looks like I needed a “vacation from my vacation.” But I had such an amazing time in Vancouver visiting with my family and all my friends that I wanted to take a minute and share some of the highlights with you. Obviously, my favourite part of the trip was visiting with my family. My first night in town was my actual birthday, so we were able to get my whole family together at my parents’…

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Geek Life

You Can Go Home Again

Even if home has a different address… The view above is from my parents’ new condo in Burnaby. I’m staying with them until the end of the year, getting ready for the holidays and taking a well deserved break from business running and homemaking. Rick will be joining me in a couple weeks so we can have a family Christmas, so my main goal right now is family time and relaxing. This will be my first Christmas with my immediate…

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