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N7 Day and Disappointing Video Game Romance

Happy N7 day! You get it? N-November… 7th? N7? Okay, fine. I guess if you’re not a hardcore Mass Effect fan the joke is gonna go straight over your head. But whatever. The Star Wars fans get May 4. We get November 7. And that’s why I decided to do my first Mass Effect related post in ages. Being that the next Mass Effect related game isn’t going to see the light of day for another couple of years, I…

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Friday I'm In Love

Friday I’m In Love #33

Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Making purchases from these links may result in a commission for this site so that I can buy cat litter. You can learn more about my disclosure policy here. God of War Kratos by Poster Inspired available on Etsy. I’m kinda pooped today after my first 40 hour work week in quite some time, but Rick and I will be relaxing with friends in the woods this weekend which should hopefully help rejuvenate…

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC

Bioware made good on its promise to fans and the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC was finally released to plug up plot holes and hopefully calm everyone down. While reaction on the internet has been predictably mixed, I figured I’d take a minute here to give you my two cents. Now, I didn’t dislike the original ending to Mass Effect 3 as much as some people, but I did feel like there were some plot holes, (how did everybody…

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Farewell Femshep

smailika femshep | Farewell Femshep |

Or, My Thoughts on Finishing ME3 **WARNING** If you are among the three people who want to play Mass Effect 3 and haven’t done so yet, there might be some spoilers in here for you. For everyone else, I’m sure the internet has already covered anything spoiler-y that I touch on. Femshep by Smailika One of the things I’d been procrastinating on during “the week of no water” was a summary of my Mass Effect 3 experience. That’s right, I…

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My Mass Effect 3 Experience, or The Adventures of Noob Shep

The Adventures of Noob Shep |

Back when I made my resolution to finish a video game, I honestly thought that I would just choose some SNES era RPG and slog my way through on an emulator. And while I still hold the delusion that I will finish Earth Bound one of these days, I never thought that I would have the patience or skills required to tackle a current generation game. Then came Mass Effect 3 and “narrative difficulty”. I’d long been a fan of…

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