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Indie Game Gang |

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Indie Game Gang |

The Indie Game Gang is a monthly game-along group meant to encourage more people to play games and more people to play indie games. Each month we’ll play a different indie game together and discuss it in the Indie Game Gang group on Steam.

It’s kinda like a book club, but for video games.

New games will be announced at the start of the month on and in the Indie Game Gang Steam Group. The point of the Indie Game Gang is really to prove that games are for everyone, so to that end, all games will be playable with a keyboard and mouse, can be finished in 15 hours or less, and have simple mechanics that even the biggest n00b can pick up in minutes.

Ever wanted to try video games but never knew where to start? Want to see what all this fuss about indie games is all about? Just want to get together with other open minded gamers to talk new and interesting games? Then PLEASE join The Indie Game Gang!