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What To Dev Blog About |

This post is Part II in my two part series on Developer Blogs. You can read Part I here.

What To Dev Blog About | Gamerwife.comIn Part I of my series on developer blogs I laid out all of the reasons why having a dev blog on your indie game website is good for both marketing and connecting directly with your fans. But now that you’ve gone ahead an created a blog I bet you’re thinking, “great, but what am I supposed to blog about?” Of course you’ve thought of the usual sharing of news and events, but that’s not usually enough to keep you posting regularly, or drive traffic to your site.

To help you out, I came up with a little list of 20 post ideas for your dev blog:

1. Update fans when you hit development milestones.

2. Make a list of games that inspired you to make video games.

3. Chart the evolution of one of your characters from conception to implementation.

4. Detail other games that influenced yours.

5. Write personal profiles of each of your studio members.

6. Make a list of your favourite game development tools.

7. Create a tutorial on how to use one of your favourite game development tools.

8. Make a video of your friends or staff play testing the game.

9. Generate a list of frequently asked questions and answer them.

10. Write a post from the perspective of one of the characters in your game.

11. Host a “virtual tour” of your studio.

12. Write a post-mortem on something that went wrong during development.

13. Participate in #screenshotsaturday.

14. Host a fan art contest.

15. Present a new character or environment and invite your fans to name it.

16. Chronicle a typical day in each stage of game development.

17. Share a playlist of your favourite video game music, or music that helps you work.

18. Weigh in on current events in gaming news and culture. (Just remember to back up your opinions, especially if weighing in on a controversial topic).

19. Pay it forward: Showcase another indie game in development you think looks interesting.

20. Take stock of where you’re at in development and how far you have to go.

Don’t forget to vary the types of content that you post to keep it fun for both you and your fans. You could have image only posts, create videos, embed audio clips of the soundtrack… Whatever it is you’re comfortable sharing. Some of these post ideas could even be expanded into a continuing series, making coming up with new post ideas even easier.

What do you usually put on your dev blog?

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