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Buddy & Me Review

Buddy & Me Splash This game review is particularly exciting for me to write, because Buddy & Me is the first game featured on Take My Money Tuesdays to be released!

Buddy & Me Platform Being that I was already a fan of the game back when it was just a Kickstarter campaign, it should be no surprise that I really like Buddy & Me. However, I’m still struck by how well they were able to blend all of the elements that made me interested in the game into such an attractive and fun to play game.

The plot of the game is deceptively simple. You are a little boy dreaming, and in your dreams you have an imaginary friend named Buddy (basically a squishy yellow cross between Flacor & Totoro) who flies around and takes you on adventures in the magical woods. Also, there are little grey flying bunnies that sing and give you bonus points.

It’s an endless runner, except that it’s not endless. Each run has a limit of 1 minute, although you can pick up bonuses to extend your time somewhat. Randomly generated levels keep things from ever getting boring, however, so each game is just a little bit different than the last one. Also, you know your time is almost up when you start to hear that pesky alarm clock, meaning that dream time is over.

Buddy & Me Field Unlike a lot of other endless runner type games that crank up the speed or the obstacles as you progress, Buddy’s time limit creates an almost zen feeling for the game. More attention is paid to the sound design and the art in the game, which explains the $2.99 price tage on iOS.

I also like that the game alternates between active play where you need to jump and swing to collect stars and bunnies and these sweet interludes where the game gets to showcase a bit of stunning art, like a field with a rainbow as it tallies your bonus points. It’s like a little reward for your hard work right in the middle of the game.

Buddy & Me No Continue The other thing that impressed me about Buddy & Me are all the little touches where you can tell the developers were genuinely proud to be working on the game. The little song that the bunnies sing when you finish a round just tickles my heart, and Buddy’s face when you choose to wake up– melts me.

A very sweet game that is a joy to play for both adults and kids, Buddy & Me gets a big fat Gamerwife seal of approval.

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    Nerd Burger
    October 26, 2013 at 6:12 am

    SOOO CUTE!!! Looks just like Neverending Story. The animation looks sooooo awesome.

    • Reply
      October 26, 2013 at 3:34 pm

      It’s really fun to play, too. I like to play it to relax.

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