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Full Disclosure: I did receive a free Datevitation book for shipping review purposes, however all opinions expressed are my own. You can learn more about my disclosure policy here.

As happens now and again, I was recently approached by Camille of Datevitation to help them explore expanding their shipping to Canada in exchange for a free Datevitation custom booklet. I’d never heard of the service before, so I was instantly intrigued.

Basically, Datevitation allows you to create a custom coupon booklet full of dates or activities you can do with the recipient. You can customize your coupons for any type of recipient you like, from grandchildren to your partner.

Datevitation 1

Since we were just about to leave on our honeymoon and were full of swoony-love feelings, I decided to make up a little booklet for Rick as a surprise. The process of putting the booklet together couldn’t have been easier. I just went on the Datevitation website, chose “For Lovers” and picked 14 dates from the over 500 on the site.

Then came the fun part. Each date has a little illustration that accompanies it, but using the Datevitation website you can upload your own photos to replace the faces on the little stick men. This does help to customize the dates, however I would have liked a few more hair options as there weren’t any very short styles for women and I had to give myself a long bob.

Datevitation 2

When completing the booklet you also have the option of adding a personalized message, or adding a blank page so you can write your message by hand. I also like that each date coupon has a little space on the end for you to write when the coupon was “redeemed.” It’s sweet idea, and I appreciate the care and attention that seem to go into each booklet.

I think this is the sort of thing that would make a great stocking stuffer.

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