Our Tokyo Top 5

Tokyo by Padmanaba01

Tokyo by Padmanaba01

As you might be aware, Rick and I are currently in Tokyo on our much belated honeymoon. Since I wasn’t sure how good our access to internet would be, and because I wanted to focus on the vacation instead of posting on the blog, I went ahead and created some “pre-vacation posts for you to enjoy. Here I’m rounding up the top 5 things we want to do in Tokyo.

5. Walk A Goat In Shibuya

Yes. This is a thing that you can do in Japan. Turns out that the owners of the Sakuragaoka Cafe decided that Cat Cafes are too mainstream and decided that their cafe needed to spice things up. Their answer? Two goats named Sakura and Chocolat that you can arrange to walk through downtown Tokyo by booking in advance. Obviously, this is something we need to do.

4. Buy a Super Famicom at Super Potato

While we’re not the biggest retro-gamers, Rick has made a point of keeping (or at least sharing them with his brother) every console he’s owned. However, knowing that retro-consoles that were exclusive to Japan can be gotten for a song in Akibahara, we kind of want to get one and some Asia exclusive games as a one of a kind souvenir. At the very least I need to rustle up a copy of Bubble Bobble Part 2, now that I know that it exists.

3. Go to a Sumo Basho

Fun fact, I actually love sumo wrestling. They used to play it sometimes on the multicultural channel in Vancouver and I remember watching it with my grandfather. He didn’t talk much, but I vividly remembering explaining particular rivalries to me and sharing his favourite wrestlers. Also, during the Powell Street Festival they always had an amateur sumo tournament in the park, and it was by far my favourite event of the festival. I also liked how homey that was, like, the winner got a big bag of rice (because presumably he’d just demonstrated that he was the only person strong enough to carry it home). The big autumn basho is sure to be a bit more splashy as an event, and I can’t wait to see sumo of this caliber up close and in person.

2. Hustle My Way into an Onsen

One thing we were particularly looking forward to is going to a traditional hotspring bath, or onsen. However, it turns out a lot of them don’t allow customers who are tattooed, which with my now 8 pieces, could be a bit of a problem for me. It certainly can’t help that one of my larger pieces is hanafuda, which are used in gambling and therefor popular yakuza motifs (not something I was thinking about when I got it). We might try to see if I can just cover them up with some bandages (big, big bandages), but I also took the added step of finding us a hotel room in Hakone with an in-room two-person onsen. It is our honeymoon, after all.

1. Eat

Obviously, this is something we’ll need to do anyways, for you know, survival. But, being super-fans of Japanese food, eating is still at the number one spot on our list of Tokyo priorities. Sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji Fish Market, Japanese curry at CoCo Ichi, fast food sandwiches with rice cakes for buns, post-drinking ramen, yakitori skewers, mochi, fry-your-own okonomiyaki, fancy KFC, picturesque sweets… seriously, do not mind my drool. The high-end and the low-end entice me almost equally, and you better believe we’re bringing a whole little suitcase to bring back snacks. Oishi!

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  • Reply
    Jane Yoo
    September 18, 2013 at 11:53 am

    oh man! sounds so exciting! and seriously, walk a goat? i secretly want to live on a farm with two goats named gertrude and hedwig. 🙂 have a great honeymoon!!

  • Reply
    September 18, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    You forgot BUY ALL THE ANIME!! xD

    I’d like to eat in Tokyo. All the food I’ve seen (on tv) looks so good!! Wanna go~

  • Reply
    Nerd Burger
    September 23, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Hahahha.Fancy KFC. Please take pics. I never got to see any wrestling there, I hope I can check some out this trip. I am super rad about the Onsen too. They won’t be letting me in either. 🙁

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