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Boob Jam Banner You may or may not be aware, but there is an amazing global game jam happening right now until September 28th. Founded by games writer Jenn Frank, the goal of Boob Jam is to create games about the titular (hee-hee) part of the female anatomy, from a non-sexual/non-straight-male-gaze perspective. Considering the amount of money and energy the mainstream video game industry pours into jiggle physics, etc. making games about the breast as a serious object seems like an idea whose day has come.

Most of the games that have popped up on the official Boob Jam website so far are very personal, like Anna Antropy‘s **(o)(o)** about the side effects she experienced during hormone replacement therapy, or even the light-heart Twine game about bra shopping, Fittest.

When I first heard about Boob Jam I thought it was an excellent idea to force game makers to think a little more deeply about women and their bodies, but it almost seems like The Boob Jam has given devs the opportunity to explore personal experiences, starting with the body. Another game that sparked my interest on The Boob Jam website is Return to Eden, originally created for MolyJam, which features male and female full-frontal nudity.


Boob by Ted DiNola

While all of the games submitted will be playable from the official Boob Jam website, if you’re in the Montreal area and you’d like a chance to make your own game for The Boob Jam, TAG and mLab are teaming up starting September 28th to host a two day Boob Jam session. They’ll help match you up into game making teams, provided some light refreshments and even have volunteers on hand to help quash any persistent bugs you hit along the way. Check out the TAG website for more information and register at the Eventbrite link.

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