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Friday I’m In Love #46

mario_items Scott Balmer
mario_items Scott Balmer

Items by Scott Balmer.

Oof. Yet another super-busy week under my belt. Went to a great women in games networking event on Wednesday and I’ll be going to a showcase for the Critical Hit Games Collaboratory tonight. Yay games community in Montreal!

Now let’s get to the links:

Leigh Alexander does it again, with another funny, insightful essay about how games need a “Grunge” movement to move them culturally out of the mainstream.

Attention Pagan video game fans: 8-BIT TARROT! via it8bit

Distinguishing between levels and limits when it comes to fandoms.

Indie Gamer Chick is having another name the game contest over on her blog. Suggest the winning name for the new game by Bootdisk Revolution and you’ll get 1600 Microsoft Points, your name in the credits and a copy of the game when it’s released.

In addition to the entire Black Milk x Mass Effect collection, I kinda really want one of these awesome handmade Mass Effect Bras by April. via Geek Pinata

Sophia McDougall makes a compelling case for female characterization beyond “strong.”

Speaking of things I want, new Lara Croft game for next gen & a Tomb Raider comic written by Gail Simone!

And speaking of comics, professional comics artists drew Batman with their eyes closed. Hilarity ensued.

Ever wondered why Mother 3 was never officially released? Thirteen years later, this explanation by Shigesato Itoi, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Satoru Iwata makes it way out of Japan.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be using their new engine to add gender options have been added to multiplayer, finally acknowledging their female fanbase. via The Mary Sue

Got 8 minutes to kill? Check out Controller, a slick short film by Saman Kesh about a girl who can control people, including her boyfriend.

What I’ve Been Playing This Week:
Awful confession, I haven’t had time to play games this week. 🙁

What Rick’s Been Playing This Week:

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