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Steam Summer Sale 2013 Post Mortem

Another summer, another Steam sale winding to a close.

And so, on the last day of this year’s Steam Summer Sale, I thought I’d take a moment and share with you what Rick and I managed to pick up and how much we spent. In my Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide I’d mentioned that we’d set a household budget of $50, which was a lie, but I still feel like we got a bargain for the number of games we managed to pick-up.

While my picks were more or less 100% indie, Rick grabbed a very nice mix of indie and established titles at monster discounts. I’ve got the full run-down below, along with links to the store pages for the games on Steam in case any of them caught your eye while there were still massive deals to be had.

Hitman Absolution – Misogynist trailer aside, Hitman is still one of the better sneaky-kill games out there.
Psychonauts – The one Tim Schafer game he never got into back in the day.
Back to The Future: Episodes 1 – 5 – Rick’s been on a bit of a Telltale Games kick, thanks to The Walking Dead.
The Longest Journey – Super well respected cult adventure game from Europe featuring a female protagonist, back before that was a “thing.”
Puzzle Agent – An older Telltale Games title, this satirical adventure game looks like a hilarious mash-up of adventure game conventions, Twin Peaks, and Fargo.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Yes, Rick already owns this one on console, but it was cheaper to get the game, the Missing Link DLC and two extra story packs on sale, than just the DLC on the Sony Store.
Cart Life – This award winning indie is even bleaker than Rick expected.
Monaco – Everyone’s favourite indie co-op heist game.
No Time to Explain – Hilarious time-traveling, cartoony, action-platformer.
Surgeon Simulator 2013 – Because its not like Rick doesn’t spend enough time shouting at games that aren’t even made to control poorly.
Thomas Was Alone – We both decided it was well past time we figured out what all the hype is about. Review coming soon.
Antichamber – A little too crazy making for Rick on his own, we figured this could make a good dual Let’s Play once we figure out how to do that.
Quantum Conundrum – The call of the fluffy dimension was too strong to resist.
Deadlight – Despite declaring it “overplayed” 3 years ago, thanks to Last of Us and The Walking Dead Rick has finally jumped back on the zombie bandwagon and was interested on this unique action platforming take on the genre.
X3: Terran Conflict – Sold to Rick as an even more complicated single player take on EVE Online.
Poker Night 2 – Yet another Telltale title, this one boasts banter from GLaDOS, Brock Samson (Venture Bros.), Ash (Army of Darkness), Sam (Sam & Max), and a rather obnoxious Claptrap.
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Because lasers.
And finally, Machinarium – Bought as a gift for me since we saw a demo together at our first PAX back when we started dating.
Total Spent = $88

Analogue: A Hate Story – It really is past-time I checked out Christine Love’s seminal visual novel.
Castle Crashers – Although we already own this one on Xbox, I wanted to get it to play with friends online. Fancy a match?
Critter Crunch – I remembered playing the demo for this inventive little casual puzzler on the PS3 and really enjoying it, but never shelling out for the full game. Problem solved.
Lucidity – This gorgeous adventure platformers was one of the last hurrah’s for legendary devs Lucasarts and probably right at my skill level.
Organ Trail: Director’s Cut – Zombies + The Oregon Trail. Enough said.
Starseed Pilgrim – A total impulse buy, this super-lo-res indie seems like the perfect game to get lost in.
Total Spent = $16

Although nowhere near the $50 I’d optimistically thought we’d spend, I still feel like we got tremendous value when you calculate the number of hours of entertainment in-store for us. What about you? Snag any particularly good deals? Discover any games you’d like to shout out? Let us know in the comments.

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