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Friday I’m In Love #41

I'm Different by Laggy - Friday I'm In Love - Gamerwife

I’m Different by Laggy

Sorry this week’s Friday I’m In Love is a little late. It’s been kind of a rough week, but there was a little ray of sunshine this week, so enough on that. On to the links!

The always excellent Leigh Alexander has a list of 5 PR tips that indies need.

With video games part of the mainstream, is it time to reevaluate the accepted artifice of E3?

Very interesting article of the act of “gaslighting” and why it’s hurting women.

Would you use a game controller that looked like something a Power Rangers villain would wear?

If you get excited by random stats, the ESA’s essential facts report is soooo for you.

In non-game news, how hipster-cute is this website?

While this might constitute too much time on your hands, this Atari 2600 demake of Super Mario Bros. is no less impressive.

Pfangirl asks Why No Lady Protagonists, GTA?

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