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Sunrise Through The Window by Katie Ware

Sunrise Through The Window by Katie Ware

It’s a serious problem. To the point where it has a name: One More Turn Syndrome. Not that it’s been classified as such by anyone who has any kind of medical authority, but if you Google it you’ll find a bunch of matches. And that makes it a thing in my book.

It’s the voice inside your head that lets you think you can get away with a few more minutes with a game before you go to bed, or to work, or to any other of your real responsibilities that actually matter according to what you’ve been taught your whole life.

You TRY to be a responsible adult, but sometimes there’s a voice inside your head, and this voice LIES.

I was supposed to start writing this blog post three hours ago, I shit you not, and all I needed was one more turn in Endless Space. I’d defeated the Cravers’ defenses in a system and begun my invasion. I needed an extra turn to set it all up, queue up the building of a few ships, figure out what to research next and fuck it’s three hours later.

OMTS is mostly associated with the devil juice that is the Civilization franchise. Oh how harmless it seems. One more turn and the Coliseum will be complete! Surely I HAVE to stay up to see that. Yay it’s done but oh… one more turn and I’ll finally have connected┬áTarentum and Hispalis with my railroads. OK done, time to go to OH BUT LOOK, one more turn and TANKSSSSS ERMAHGERD THE SKY IS BLUE OUTSIDE AND I HEAR BIRDS.

Those goddamn birds. Every chirp is a twist of the guilt knife in your SHAMEFUL HEART.

One more bite, one more hand, one more drink, one more TURN.

Frantically scrambling away from the silence.

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