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Puces Pop Haul 2013

Puces Pop Because Everyone Else Sucks |

Yes, Puces Pop happened over a month ago, but being that I’m opening up my mandate here at Gamerwife to include indie culture in all its forms, including video games, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing what I picked up this year.

I can’t claim that I only buy from independent, local creators, but I do try to stay local and indie when I can and the twice annual Puces Pop craft fairs are my favourite places to troll for new treasures. Being that this was the first Puces Pop where I actually had a healthy disposal income to divest, I’ll admit I went a little crazy. But being that I genuinely LOVE everything I picked up this year, I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

Puces Pop Louise Koo Earrings First up are these adorable silver stud earrings by Louise Koo. I love the size, the texture on them and the fact that the shapes of both earrings are just a little bit different. They’re geometric without being precise, giving them a more natural feel.

Puces Pop Stud Frame Next up is a total impulse buy. I initially thought that Les Redoreuses was just selling cute little pouches, but when I picked one up to inspect the details I realized that there was something inside. Although probably not too difficult to DIY, I was absolute flabergasted by the genius of using wire mesh on an embroidery loop to organize earrings and the colourful fabric pouch make it perfect for travelling. And being that just that morning I’d thought about how I needed a better stud organization method, I couldn’t help snatching one up.

Puces Pop Bookhou Clutch The next item was actually the whole reason I was so deadset on hitting this year’s Puces Pop. I’d actually been coveting this clutch by Bookhou for a while now and had been planning on making a trip to their storefront in Toronto to pick it up. However, I’m glad that I picked it up at Puces Pop because I was able to save $10 on the retail price. And they had EXACTLY the print combo I’m been coveting!

Puces Pop Because Everyone Else Sucks These ones were a bit of an impulse purchase as well. Rick was showing me another card by Stay Home Club, when we both spotted this one and knew we had to get it. And while I paying for that, I just couldn’t resist the little kitty and pug buttons to put on my new clutch. So. Cute.

We even managed to pickup something video game related at the MRGS booth, but I forgot to take a picture. 🙁

Puces Pop Bacon Candy Cookie Last, but not least, I decided to treat Rick to a ridiculous cookie by JJ Comestibles’ Parched Goods, despite his protestations of a full belly. Full of peanut butter, chocolate and then topped with candied bacon, this was probably the most indulgent cookie of all time, which there’s no way I wasn’t going to let Rick experience.

What about you? Been to any good craft fairs this summer? Who are your favourite artisans?

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