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Toronto Mini-Guide Day 3

For some of you this might be the first post in the series that you’ve caught since the previous two actually went up on holiday Mondays, so if you need to catch up, here are the links for Day 1 and Day 2.

Sunday – Our final day in T-dot meant getting up a little earlier than we normally would on a Sunday to ensure that we had time to properly pack and sort the room before checking out of the hotel. Although our flight wasn’t until 9:20pm, we had to be out of the Drake by noon, which meant a day of hauling our crap all up and down the city as we tried to catch up on sightseeing.

Our first stop was Harlem Underground for some delicious chicken and waffles.

That’s right.

Fried chicken. For breakfast.

Toronto Brunch Harlem Underground Chicken and Waffles

And it was delicious.

Toronto Brunch

Just look at how happy we are.

Toronto Brunch Rick

After our ridiculous brunch we set out to do more shopping, which was becoming increasingly difficult with all of the crap we were already dragging around with us. We managed to find a few shirts for Rick, including a couple of golf-shirts (he’s such a preppy!) and I got to ogle all of the beautiful things at Magic Pony. I was kind of sad we missed the Gemma Correll exhibit and I was feeling pretty sheepish about my Korean beauty splurge the day before, so we didn’t end up giving them any of our money. This time.

Next we started on our way to Woofstock, but the straps on the shopping bag I’d stuffed the rest of our non-fluid goods into was starting to give me rope burns on my arms, so we made another stop to get a good quality backpack we could also use in Tokyo. We made another stop in a vintage shop where we had a fight about ties and then left, at which point we decided that more liquor was needed.

After some restorative cocktails we continued on our way, and from the number of four-legged friends we were passing I knew we were getting close. By the time we finally arrived at festival grounds I was so rabid with “doggy-fever” that I pretty much just ran around molesting strangers dogs while Rick muttered apologies.

Woofstock 2013 - Toronto Mini-Guide 2013 -

Having gotten that out of our systems the final requirement was a meal before heading back to Billy Bishop airport. Since we’d already walked from Ossington and Queen to Church and St. Lawrence, we decided what the hay and kept going until we hit the Distillery District. Once there our first order of business was checking out the Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, a.k.a. Izumi Sake. We got a tasting flight of their regular sakes, plus one seasonal sake. Sharing the flight between the two of us was perfect and we were struck by how smooth and delicate the sakes were, especially compared to our budget Geikekkan which is pretty much the only sake you can find in Quebec with any reliability. We decided that we absolutely needed a bottle to take home, so we wrapped that in a t-shirt and resigned ourselves to checking our backback as well as our tiny suitcase.

Once we were liquored we grabbed a table at the Mill Street Brew Pub and chowed down some comfort food to prep us for the flight home. Rick was a little embarrassed when one of the dogs I’d molested in the park earlier sat down next to us and I started squealing like a fan-girl at a Justin Beber concert, but her owner was very cool about it and seem genuinely touched by a the attention her fur-baby was getting.

Because Rick tends to get rather anxious at the end of a trip we ended up getting to the airport ridiculously early, but when we went to check in they offered to put us on an earlier flight so it all worked out! The flight home was thankfully uneventful, so after yet another cab ride we arrived home to our own bed and two attention starved kitties.

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