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Go! Candy Review

Go! Candy iPad game

Go! Candy iPad game
Go! Candy is an iPad game I was invited to review by the creators, A Sitting Duck. It’s another endless runner type game with cute cartoony graphics, based on a series of YouTube animated shorts by Luke Hyde.

While the YouTube shorts rely mostly on absurdist humour and the occasional bit of grossness, either in the form of barfing, snotting or even a Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky style punch through someone’s head, the game is surprisingly free of such flourishes.

Go! Candy iPad game

You play as Candy, an apparently magical green dinosaur who flies through the air gobbling up apples. It seems you are also meant to collect the letters of your name as you whiz through the air to unlock some sort of powerup, although I seldom managed to do so before I got bored.

Yeah, that’s right. I got bored.

See, the instructions at the beginning of the game tell you to tap the screen to boost and slide your finger up and down to move up or down. The problem is, as soon as you take your finger off the screen, Candy does a head-dive into the ground and then bounces on his noggin until he dies. Which means that in order to actually play the game, you in fact need to hold your finger on the screen at all times, which can get pretty tedious, let me tell you. Not to mention the fact that this also seriously obscures the screen.

Which is actually usually fine, as the game is VERY forgiving. The main obstacles are blobby pigeon birds and rotten apples (and I suppose the ground if you dip a little too low, or god forbid deign to remove your finger from the screen to scratch your nose), but you really need to hit a lot of those before you do any actual damage. At worst your letter count will revert to nothing, but with no missions and a negligible difficulty curve, I think my worst criticism is that the game is too easy…

Go! Candy iPad game

The floating up and down bits are broken up periodically by the appearance of Candy’s arch-nemesis, Negaraus, a blue dinosaur wearing a Power Glove. However, with little variation to his laser attacks, these diversions sadly do little to make the game more engaging.

The score is pleasantly peppy and chip-tune-y and the art style is cute and distinctive, and while I certainly enjoyed the aesthetic of the game, there unfortunately just wasn’t enough gameplay wise for me to really recommend it. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing what else A Sitting Duck has to offer in the future.

That said, it does appear to be a free download in iTunes, so I guess you wouldn’t really lose much by giving it a shot yourself, if you were so inclined.

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