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Friday I’m In Love #35

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Mega Man Helmet by Daily Robot available at Etsy


How was your week? As you can tell, I was a busy little bee, blog-blog-blogging my little heart out with lots of new content. But, I was still finding so many neat things to blog about I decided to resurrect an older feature so I could bring you even more video game goodness.

While I discovered this one a little too late to feature it on Take My Money Tuesday, the Kickstarter for GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming is definitely a campaign that readers of Gamerwife should take a look at. Video games are at a turning point creativity and acceptability wise, and the more voices involved in the discussion, the more positive the next step will be for everyone.

Greenheart Games teaches pirates a lesson by populating torrent sites with copies of their game development simulator, Game Dev Tycoon, that leads all players to bankrupcy due to… wait for it… game piracy! Pirates complain in the forums and the internet has a good laugh.

Gamerwife fav and IRL stalking victim The Geeky Hostess recently hosted a Text Adventure Party! With homemade Hot Pockets & homemade Cool Ranch Doritos.

In the realm of cool things that aren’t video game related, check out coffivity, a productivity app built around the scientifically reinforced idea that ambient noise, like that experience in a coffee shop, can actually help improve concentration and creativity.

Wanna play a symphony over a whole city? Having trouble wrapping your mind around the idea. Check out Tokyo City Symphony and play with light and sound to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Roppongi Hills.

And finally, former Game to Watch, Star Command was released this week on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Here’s the official launch trailer to whet your appetite:

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