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PAX East 2013 Diary – Day 3

The final day of PAX East 2013 had a bittersweetness to it since we all knew our fun would soon be at an end, but there was still a full day of networking and selling ahead. I needed to leave early in order to make my plane back to Montreal, so I resolved to take some time in the early afternoon to finally do my tour of the show floor. That also meant it was shopping time (!) since Sanshee, Fangamer and Think Geek all had booths this year and snagging loot here meant saving on the often ludicrous shipping and custom charges required to get stuff into Canada.


However, I didn’t get more than 50 feet before I spotted Jonathan Holmes in the Indie Megabooth conducting another interview. Remembering his broken promise to return the day before, I decided to try to wait until he was done to confront him (in a totally friendly, adorable way, natch). However, shortly after chatting en Francais with the makers of Castle Story, I ran into Kyle MacIntosh. After chatting briefly, since we really hadn’t gotten the chance to talk much after his pannel on Friday, I found myself pitching A.N.N.E. again and then dragging Kyle into the booth.

mo vs jonathan holmes

Shortly after letting Kyle play the demo, I started settling back into the booth when I spotted Jonathan Holmes again and locked eyes with him to which he exclaimed “Yes, I am coming to talk to you!” I grabbed Mo and told him what was happening, the results of which are available below:

That done, I finally snuck away to eat some food, finding myself in the hot dog line-up. As I hesitated between water and Mountain Dew, the gentlemen behind me helpfully prodded, “You’re at PAX. Get the Mountain Dew.” As I scarfed down my nerd feast I managed to snag the full set of Zac Gorman Earthbound posters from Fangamer for Rick and the Paragon-Renegade earrings from Sanshee for myself.

After a bit more time in the booth, during which I finally learned that Mo had been part of the ill-fated Chrono Trigger fan project, Chrono Resurrection, a fact that has made Rick decide he needs to be best friends with Mo, I finally packed up my gear and made one last tour through the convention center on my way to airport bus. I dragged my little suitcase behind me as I said goodbye to the teams from Compulsion Games, Drinkbox Studios and the guys at Klei. As I was bustling along at breakneck speed, something about the Tin Man Games caught my fancy and I ended up trading geek girl stats with Miellyn, creator of Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends. I felt bad jetting so quickly, but she was generous enough to give me a copy of her book to peruse at my leisure (review coming soon).


Then, finally, as I was nearly out the door, I caught an adorable couple cosplaying as Venellope and Ralph and I had to ask for a pic. That done, I raced across the bridge to the bus station and started my long trek home.

Thanks again to everyone I met for making new first PAX East experience so memorable and especially to Mo and his family for taking me in and letting me share the excitement of promoting A.N.N.E.

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