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PAX East 2013 Diary – Day 2


Let’s get back to it.

I got up on Saturday with the adrenaline rush of the previous day still coursing through my veins. I did some sun salutations and watched the kids while Yumi went to find us some coffee and breakfast for the kids. We all knew this was going to be the busiest day of PAX, and I started to get nostalgic for when I used to help my boss at the video store sell his guidebook at the motorcycle trade shows.

show floor 1

Things started out a kinda slow, which meant I had a full five minutes to talk to Tom and Meagan when they came by to say hi. I hadn’t really expected to be working in the booth so much when I was planning to go to PAX, but it was really so much fun and everyone was so positive that I ended up getting really into it. And honestly, when Mo replied to my tweet offering to help out a local dev in their booth, I was extra psyched to be invited to help with a game I already saw so much potential in. I felt bad not spending more time with my friends, but I was also making new friends in the gamesbymo crew, fellow Montrealers in the booth next to us, Tribute Games, and the awesome crew behind Two Brothers, Ackk Studios, on the other side.


I had delusionally assumed that I would be able to spend some time in the early afternoon cruising the show floor, but things were so packed and so steady that I just never found my moment. Alia came by around lunch time with another, much appreciated, coffee and we all commented on how engaged and enthusiastic everyone who came by the booth was. I didn’t have much time for Shepard hunting, but I did manage to snag a FemShep fresh from the Mass Effect retrospective panel in the Bioware base upstairs. We saluted each other and she was even on the ball enough to quip, “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite booth at PAX,” which prompted me to give her a big fat high-five. Then she showed off her prop rifle, which had been signed by the entire Mass Effect team. Jealous.


I did remember to take a lunch break and decided to splurge and get the lobster roll from the Convention center cafeteria since my chances of actually getting outside of the convention center or the hotel to eat seemed extremely remote and I’d be damned if I was gonna go all the way to Boston and not eat lobster, season or not. Unfortunately, after shelling out the required FIFTEEN DOLLARS for a hotdog bun stuffed with lobster meat, 75% of it managed to topple onto the escalator as I rode back to the show floor. A normal girl may have pitched a fit at such cosmic injustice, but I was far too busy for that.

Returning to the booth I saw Jonathan Holmes from Destructoid getting ready to talk to a couple of the Tribute guys, so I blithely walked up to him and pronounced “Jonathan Holmes!” To which he responded, “Hello, I’m Jonathan. [pause] Do I know you?” To which I had to reply that no, we had never met before, I was just some random stranger accosting him, which he actually took pretty well, replying that “…I would have felt like a real jerk if we’d met before…” He then graciously let me pitch A.N.N.E. and responded cheerfully that he would definitely be back to talk to us. Then he promptly disappeared for the rest of the day.

show floor 2

Which really wasn’t too big a deal, considering the amount of attention we were already getting. There were numerous impromptu interviews with Mo happening and all sorts of publishers and distributors showing interest. I quickly learned that “so, what’s your involvement with the game,” was actually code for “who owns this thing?” and that the person’s interest was commercial, more than recreational. My favourite moment that this happened was with a middle-age-ish man who made the requisite Cave Story comparison, and after my pitch passed me a card with NINTENDO written on it. Somehow I managed to remain relatively calm, flapping my arms as discretely as I could while stuttering, “Mo, Mo, Momomomomomo… I think you want to talk to this guy…” How was I supposed to know I’d been talking to Dan Adelman?

The next thing we knew the show floor was closing. We snapped a couple of team pics with Yumi and the kids, then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. For the second night in a row I found myself eating at the Quincy Market Cheers, mostly because it was reasonably priced, walking distance from the hotel and relatively child friendly. Both Lori and Axel passed out during dinner and had to be carried back to the hotel where they were loaded into bed while I opted to tag along with Frank while he met up with some friends at a bar. However, as we were getting ready to hit the bar, we got word that things had already moved back into the hotel, so I ended up crashing an all Quebecois nerd-dude hotel party at PAX. Luckily no one gave me shit for my super English accent which had gotten worse with exhaustion and a very nice gentleman supplied me with enough port to make getting up on Sunday even more of a chore.

Team gamesbymo

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