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35 Before 35

Photo by laihiu

Photo by laihiu

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not going to tell you how old I am turning, but I will share with you the list I came up with of 35 things I’d like to do before my next birthday and let you do the math.

I was inspired to create the list by the always inspirational Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes who has been making a similar list for many years now and she always seems to have so much fun I decided that I wanted in on the action as well.

Like her lists, not every thing on my list is super challenging or even that strange. It just has to be something I’ve never done before that I’ve always wanted to try. Some are grouped thematically as many of the items are related to trips or other activities I already have planned this year, and I’ll be putting the full list in my sidebar as well to link to articles about completed activities.

Hit the jump for the whole shebang.

1. Learn enough Japanese to get around Tokyo. – Anyone know a good school in MTL?
2. Go to Tokyo. – Our long postponed honeymoon. It’s gonna happen. Septemberish.
3. Go to a Sumo Basho. – Little known fact, I LOVE SUMO WRESTLING. No. Really.
4. Eat fresh sushi at the Tsukiji fish market.
5. Get a tattoo in Japan. – Anyone know of a good, reliable studio that will ink foreigners?
6. Go to an Onsen.
7. Shoot a gun.
8. See a play in English. – Already bought our tickets.
9. See a play in French. – Need to pick one.
10. Try dog sledding.
11. Start a Young Adult book club.
12. Host a letter writing evening/stationary exchange.
13. Go to PAX East. – Already have my pass!
14. Cosplay at a Con. – Suggestions welcome, although I have an idea…
15. Spend Christmas somewhere sunny.
16. Go snorkeling.
17. Ride every roller coaster at La Ronde in one day.
18. Learn to clean and filet a fish.
19. Learn how to can and make jam. – Not poisoning myself with botulism would be a bonus!
20. Go to a Drag show.
21. Get to level 20 in World of Warcraft.
22. Go to a fortune teller/have my chart done.
23. Participate in a video game marathon for charity. – Also recruiting team members!
24. Try curling.
25. Upload a cat video to YouTube.
26. Attend a roller derby match.
27. Watch a Marx Bros. movie. – I know, right?
28. Go to the dentist. – 12 years is too long between visits I’m told.
29. Attend Catholic mass. – I’m not religious, but I’ve always been curious.
30. Visit Oratoire St-Joseph.
31. Try the trapeze.
32. 3-D print something. – Know anyone with a printer?
33. Finally read something by Haruki Murakami
34. Play a theremin. – Will probably buy or build one for this.
35. Crochet slippers.

Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to try? Is there anything on my list you’d like to try? Wanna try it with me? Wanna help me? Drop me a line.

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  • Reply
    February 22, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Onsen may be hard with a tattoo. Your best bet is the private ones in a hotel. Or do the tattoo after the onsen! 🙂

    • Reply
      February 22, 2013 at 2:47 pm

      Yeah, we’d already decided on private Onsen since I have hanafuda tattooed on my upper arm (not to mention 3 other very visible tattoos). :p Also, it’s more honeymoon-y, which is ostensibly the purpose of our trip.

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