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Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts

As I mentioned last year, Rick and I don’t normally do the Valentine’s Day gift thing, but since I come across so many lovely things during my travels across the interwebs, I couldn’t help putting together another round-up of nerdy gifts for those of you who want to get your special someone something special. Am I alone in thinking knee-high socks are sexy?
nerdy valentines gifts

1. Portal 2 Long Fall Socks
2. Cthulhu in Love Perfume
3. Sterling Silver Angry Bird Cufflinks
4. Cooper Chip e776 Earrings
5. Portal 2 Companion Cube Panties

What are your favourite nerdy gifts you’ve seen lately?

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    February 6, 2013 at 9:07 am

    Cthulu in Love perfume cannot be shipped to Canada, or I’d be all over it. But BPAL does have its Box o’ Chocolates scents up now, and I’ve ordered a couple directly from them: (NOTE: That page is fine, but some images on that website are NSFW.)

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