Friday I'm In Love

Friday I’m In Love #33

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kratos_poster inspired God of War Kratos by Poster Inspired available on Etsy.

I’m kinda pooped today after my first 40 hour work week in quite some time, but Rick and I will be relaxing with friends in the woods this weekend which should hopefully help rejuvenate us.

Here’s how to waste your time on the web this weekend:

Over at 1Up there’s nostalgic piece on the emotional core of the Mother/Earthbound games.

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a Pomeranian in post-apocalyptic Tokyo? PSN title Tokyo Jungle is the game for you.

This year’s Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights includes a Silent Hill haunted maze, complete with nurses, Pyramid Head and some super spooky Gray Children. Penny Arcade Report has all the frightening details.

In non-video game nerdity, there’s a very nice essay about The Doctor’s changing relationship with pacifism over at ArtBoiled.

Remember this bit of FemShep Cosplay Badassery? Well, Commander Holly and her Crabcat Industries compatriot Jessica Merizan have a new DIY/Cosplay show over at the Nerdist Channel. Check it out here.

This Limbo themed eye-makeup would take a steadier hand than I’m capable of.

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