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Way, way back in the early days of Gamerwife I posted photos of a DIY Dice bag with the promise of full tutorial to come soon. Well, 3 years later is better than never, so present I, without further delay a new and improved Dice Bag with full tutorial.

Heavy “outer” fabric (I used a cotton corduroy) cut in a 6″ x 15 3/4″ strip
Smooth “liner” fabric (I used a polyester satin) cut in a 6″ x 13 3/4″ strip
Elastic cord cut in a 20″ length
Thread in a matching colour

Cut the outer fabric, liner and elastic to the specified dimensions.

Lay the liner over the outer fabric with the “good” sides facing. The outer fabric should overhang the liner by about 1 inch on either side.

Pin them together, then sew up the sides leaving a 1/2 seam.

You should now have a long tube open on both sides. Turn the tube inside out so that the “right” sides of the fabrics are on the outside.

Iron the fabric to create crisp seams on the sides, then fold in half with the liner side out and iron again.

Sew the sides up, taking care with the bottom corners. Then fold the lip over on either side to create a channel for the elastic. Pin in place.

You might want to hand sew this part, but if you are very handy with a sewing machine you should be okay. Sew down the lip, taking care not to sew the bag shut. Leave one side open on both end so that you can thread in the elastic. Pull the bag right side out.

Using a tapestry needle or a large safety pin, carefully thread the elastic through the channel in the top of the bag. Pull the elastic together so that it is equal on both sides and tie in a knot.

Fill with dice and you’re ready to go!

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