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D&D Night Essentials

Since this is D&D week here at Gamerwife I went ahead and whipped up a little collection of what I would deem D&D night essentials.

Gamerwife D&D Night Essentials

1. Gaming Mat – You need some way of keeping track of where your characters are during a fight and from game to game. Something with a grid is usually preferable as most RPGs measure movement in inches or squares on a grid. And make sure it has a write-on wipe-off surface. Pictured: Kids Party Table Cover

2. Miniatures – Sure, a couple of pennies or a flat marble will do in a pinch, but isn’t it more fun when your placeholder on the game mat not only represents but resembles your character? Pictured: Aspect of Bahamut & Thundertusk Cavalry

3. Notebook – Sure you can scribble reminders about your inventory and hit points on your character sheet, but it’s nice to have somewhere to keep notes about game details like NPC names and special locations to refresh your memory from game to game. Pictured: Potions Notebook

4. Dice – What’s a game without dice. Most RPGs involve a variety of dice with different numbers of sides so it’s good to have at least one full set to be safe. Pictured: Beige & Black Earthdawn Dice

5. Pencils – For filling out your character sheets and making lots of notes. Pictured: Video Game Engrish Pencil Set

6. Dice Bag – Obviously you’re going to need something to keep all your dice organized. Pictured: Wesley’s Sweater Stripes Dice Bag

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