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Friday I’m In Love #30

The Flying Elite by Steve Thomas | Friday I'm In Love |

Steve_Thomas_Arcade_Propoganda_The_Flying_Elite_Joust_Postalgia_ The Flying Elite by Steve Thomas available here.

How was your week? I for one can’t wait for the weekend, being all tuckered out from most of a full week of work. Rick and I are still working out how to balance things now that I’m working full time again, but so far things are flexible and working from home is still an option.

Here’s how to waste your time on the web this week:

I want to go to there: Full room Ms. Pac-Man courtesy of Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi

R.I.P. Jerry Nelson. A BBC interview with Count von Count from 2009.

How many players does it take to make a game? In the case of crowd developed game, Puzzle Clubhouse, try all of them. via Gamasutra

Could someone dig through their couch to find enough coins to buy me this? kthxbye

European researchers have designed a biofeedback game to treat anxiety.

Yay! Critter Crunch on STEAM! With multiplayer! Yay! Have a wallpaper!

Having actually seen the game in action, I can say that I, for one, am not at all surprised that EVE Online has a full time economist on staff.

Games to Watch: Adventure Time Game Jam

As if I needed another reason to want to go to Fantastic Fest: they just announced the theme of the first ever Fantastic Arcade Gamemaking Frenzy and guess what?! It’s Adventure Time. Apparently Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is tight with the peeps at the Drafthouse and he gave his personal blessing to the event. It all kicks off on September 14th, so expect to see some playable jam games by the end of the month.

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