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While chatting with my friend James about everyone’s favourite Korean dance hit we got to musing on video game songs, the popular, the not so popular and the inscrutably obscure. We weren’t talking chiptune remixes and video game scores, but songs written about specific games, with lyrics that reference in-jokes and things particular to a given game.

With the recent popularity of YouTube and the rise of self-publishing sites it seems like everywhere you turn on the web these days there’s a new song written just about your favourite game. And so, presented in no particular order, are some of our favs:

EVE Online

James & Rick are players of EVE Online, which I like to call “Menu: The Video Game.” They seem to enjoy it though, and they aren’t alone, so I guess the joke’s on me. When I played this song for Rick there was instant resonance for him, even if it all sounded like gibberish to me. via Poetic Discourse

Mario Kart

Yeah, this one is positively ancient by internet standards, but I like how the song functions both as a (very nerdy) love song and a tribute to arguably one of the best multiplayer games of all time. Fun fact: this was on the short list for first dance songs for me and Rick (we ended up going with something a little more obscure).


Another song that mostly sounds like gibberish to me, but my current obsession with this reality show where a Korean pop star tries to become a professional gamer is quickly curing me of that. The video is also pretty funny and features some great dancing, so it’s worth a watch even if you have no idea was a six pool is.

What are your favourite video game songs? Did I miss any gems?

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