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Fan Expo and Toronto Loot

fan expo loot

As I mentioned previously, Rick and I spent some time at the end of August visiting friends in Hamilton, ON with a quick sojourn in Toronto for Fan Expo. Since I didn’t end up taking as many pictures as I’d expected while we were there, instead of doing a day by day diary, I figured I’d just do a quick round up of some of our loot with a few stories mixed in.

ikea loot
1. $0.29 Dish towels | 2. Glass Carafe | 3. Laptop Stand | 4. Glass Container

We arrived Friday evening after getting caught in epic Toronto traffic on the way, so we opted for a casual bite at a Hamilton pub. I was a very bad girl and ordered the crab poutine with clam chowder gravy. Decadent doesn’t even cut it. Since Rick and our friend James decided to split a bottle of Scotch that night, we opted not to attempt Fan Expo on Saturday and ended up eating Swedish meatballs at Ikea and then doing a little shopping. I managed to pick up a few essentials, as well as a much needed laptop table for when I need to work from bed.

Genvieve F.T. Calendar. Available online here

On Sunday, Rick, James and I took the bus up to Toronto for Fan Expo. Because our trip had been rather last minute we didn’t get a chance to plan any real cosplay, but we sure saw plenty while we were there. Doctor Who seemed to be the name of the game, which was nice for me and Rick since I’d recently gotten him addicted to it as well. There were even a few gender cross Number 11, and some amazingly hot gender crossed Captain Jack’s. Anyone know where I can get me a blue officer’s coat?

fan expo loot
1. Bran Falling Poster | 2. Doctor Who & Tali bookmarks | 3. 1 Month Playstation Plus membership

In addition to the sweet pinup style calendar, we also got some new wall art, some bookmarks and some sweet pins. We even commissioned a portrait of Gatsby dressed as the 11th Doctor.

BMO & Pabu buttons

Doctor Gatsby

11th Doctor Gatsby by illustrator Karly MacDonald

On the way back we managed to find a rest stop with a Sopranos pinball table, so I had to dig up a couple of loonies so Rick could take a spin. It was a fun trip, a little shorter than I would have liked and probably the last time we drive it ourselves. Considering the price of gas, traffic and the heat we’re definitely taking the train next time. And because we were staying in Hamilton we didn’t have time to check out much of Toronto proper, so I definitely don’t feel like we got a good feel for the city.

I guess there’s always next time…

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    Sweet loot! I love the portrait of Gatsby as Doctor Mew 🙂

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