Friday I'm In Love

Friday I’m In Love #24

Ghostbusters by Ale Giorgini | Friday I'm In Love |

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Ghostbusters by Ale Giorgini | Friday I'm In Love |

Ghostbusters by Ale Giorgini available at Society 6

I’ve made peace with not being able to feel rested until Fantasia is over, but tonight will probably be an early night and Saturday will be spent at a friend’s birthday party. Here are your web time wasters for the weekend:

Game Trailers has a Tumblr account. That is all.

These Nintendo DS circuit board earrings by Reset Buttons are super cute and have totally inspired me. Where’s that broken-ass laptop of mine hiding…?

Need a pick me up? Watch a three year old play Journey. It is nearly as magical as the game itself.

The greatest GTA IV mod evah. EVAH!!

And just in case you missed it on the Gamerwife Facebook page, you have to check out this stop motion Mario Bros. inspired animation.

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