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Rick’s been playing games since before he could walk. I went from an NES to a PS3 with nothing in between. We love to game together, but finding games we can both enjoy can be tough. Indie Game Date is our quest to find great indie games that both of us will love.

A Date With Myself

Due to the Fantasia Film Festival and the fact that Rick and I are not likely to see each other until at least the 5th of August, this week I ended up having a date with myself. Which was probably for the best, considering the game I chose to play was No Luca No, which despite having a 4 star rating on the XBox Live Arcade, seems to be considered the worst Xbox title of all time by many people on YouTube.

No Luca No Indie Game Box Art

The premise of the game is to keep your cat, Luca, from drinking the milk in your cereal. He always approaches from the right and you use the right analog stick to push him away. But, if you’re too early or too late on the stick, lose. That’s it. That’s the game. The whole game. It cost us $1.

Rick is going to be pissed when he reads this.

No Luca No indie game action shot

The only other feature you get for your hard earned loony is a cat toy screen saver feature where you use the left stick to move around a big blue dot, the right stick to make it jingle and the left and right triggers to make Luca appear from the left or right. This mode did manage to grab Gatsby’s attention for a brief moment, but certainly no longer than the actual game grabbed my attention.

No Luca No Cat Toy indie game

I don’t think this is the sort of thing that I can actually recommend to anybody, but it does save high scores, so for competitive couples who are really hung-over there could be some appeal. Other than that, I’ll stick to live edition with a cat named Gatsby.

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