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Friday I’m In Love #21

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Dark Castle by VGPrints | Friday I'm In Love |

Dark Castle by VGPrints available at Society 6

This was a pretty big week here at Gamerwife. We debuted a new feature, played some indie games, looked at pixel cosplay and found a robot bunny.

But enough of me, here’s where you should be wasting the rest of your time this weekend.

Like JRPGs? Like remixes? This sweet and totally dance-y remix of Frog’s theme from Chrono Trigger by Sexy Synthesizer is my new house cleaning jam. via Colette Bennett

Admire these beautiful geometrically printed Notebooks designed by Piia Seppälä.

In a special July 4th editorial, 1Up looks at how Metal Gears’ treatment of the US has changed over the years. In summary, “America, in Metal Gear, is kind of a dick.”

Look at these giant tetris blocks wedged between buildings as an art installation in Sydney. The project was presented by the Gaffa Gallery in 2009.

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