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I’m so excited to bring you all our first guest post here on Gamerwife by Hannah and Jennie from the excellent and fashionable Haute Gamer (no longer active :(). Please give them a warm welcome in the comments.

Hello Gamerwife readers! Mariko is graciously letting us, Haute Gamer, take over her blog for the day. At our site we feature fashion looks based off of video games characters or whatever tickles our fancy. When Mariko suggested that we make fashion sets for you based off of a few indie games we jumped at the chance.

For the first look we were inspired by Limbo. This game is unique because it is monochromatic and utilizes shadows and gradients to create a mysterious puzzle world. We tried our best to choose items that captured the feel of the game. The shirt is perfect because of its color effect (or lack of) from the stark white to midnight black. The shoes remind me of what the boy is wearing but the lace pattern adds a feminine touch. An ombre grey clutch was added to polish the look.



The next game we created a set for is Fez. Gomez, the adorable main character, was our inspiration for this look. There are different elements of the game that we included such as the yellow cubes and Dot. Gomez is completely white, hence the white top and shorts. The yellow shoes add color to what would otherwise be an all-white look. It is supposed to represent the cubes that Gomez has to collect. Dot is our favorite part of the outfit. The earrings are quite a steal at only twelve dollars! Last but not least, the fez completes this set. It gives Gomez the ability to perceive his 2D world in 3D.

Fez's Gomez

Haute Gamer is a website run by two sisters, Hannah & Jennie. They share a love of gaming and general geekery. When they’re not stuck indoors gaming, they like to go on crazy adventures in sunny San Diego.

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    June 26, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Seriously. I need those crystal studs.

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