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A Life Well Wasted

As I’ve stated elsewhere on the blog, I’m a huge podcast listener. Unfortunately, a lot of the video game podcasts I’ve tried have either been so in-jokey as to be completely inaccessible, or frankly, too dry and boring to keep me listening past the first 15 minutes. However, this week I finally discovered Robert Ashely’s A Life Well Wasted and I have to say I am completely hooked.
A Life Well Wasted
What sets ALWW apart from the podcasting pack are insanely high production values and an educational approach to the subject matter. This isn’t just “so-and-so’s list of games he’s playing right now”, ALWW is a serious journalistic investigation of gaming culture and how it does and doesn’t fit into our larger culture. Topics range from the dissolution of Electronic Gaming Monthly to collecting and archiving games for future generations to various investigations of the people behind fan culture. Think of it as Radio Lab for the gaming set. The gorgeous, limited edition episode posters designed by Olly Moss also help up the hipster cred.

A Life Well Wasted
Sadly, A Life Well Wasted is currently on hiatus, the last episode having been posted two years ago this Saturday. Ashley continues to maintain the website for the show in the hopes that one day it will return, but in the meantime you can catch up on iTunes here.

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