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What I Want To See At E3 2012

As any gamer worth their salt already knows, E3 starts today in Los Angeles. I’ll be live tweeting about the press conferences like I did last year, so be sure to follow me @gamerwifeblog for up to the minute information and snarking.

Announcements and trailers have been trickling out since late last week, but here’s my list of what I most want to see at this year’s expo.

More Konami Craziness
Konami didn’t hold a press conference at last year’s E3, but anyone who witnessed 2010’s cavalcade of wacky has to agree that nobody does live WTF than the home of Hideo Kojima. Don’t believe me? Please refer to Exhibit A, below.

Quantic Dream’s New Game
Rumor is the studio behind the groundbreaking “interactive drama” Heavy Rain is set to announce a new title at this year’s PS3 press conference. No idea of what they’ve got under their hats this time, but if the short “tech demo” they released earlier this year is any indication, it’s going to be amazing.

Anything Related to The Last Guardian
Anything. Anything at all.
A release date?
A new trailer?
How about a cute picture of the Guardian?

Fine. I’ll just watch this teaser again and cry.

More Tomb Raider!
Yeah, we got a new trailer and a new release date (March 5, 2013 can’t come fast enough), but personally I can’t get enough news about this one. Will it be worth my excitement? Will it be worth my money? GamerWife needs to know.

This game wasn’t even on my radar until last week, when the E3 gameplay trailer was released. Hooo-boy. Steampumk ain’t really my thing, but this game looks all kinds of interesting and I for one can’t wait to hear more.

What are looking for out of this year’s E3?

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    June 4, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    Lara is looking great! Let’s see if Rick will let me do the first play though myself.

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