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Or, My Thoughts on Finishing ME3


If you are among the three people who want to play Mass Effect 3 and haven’t done so yet, there might be some spoilers in here for you. For everyone else, I’m sure the internet has already covered anything spoiler-y that I touch on.

Femshep by Smailika

One of the things I’d been procrastinating on during “the week of no water” was a summary of my Mass Effect 3 experience. That’s right, I completed one of my goals for the year!

So, what did I think?

Not having played Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 myself, it’s difficult for me to compare ME3 to the other installments in the series in terms of controls and other mechanics, but I did appreciate the ability to mod weapons and customize my armor. Since I was playing on “Narrative” difficulty, combat was redonkulously easy, but the cover mechanics were a little sticky for me. The “jump-over” mechanic also took a while to get used to, but, from what I’d observed, it seemed a marked improvement over previous ME games.

As far as the story was concerned, I like that BioWare made Shepard’s dialogue more personal and emotional. There was a finality to almost every cut-scene that really drove home the gravity of the situation and made all your decisions that much more nerve-wracking. I also like that you got one really great scene with each of your squad mates and I’ll admit there were times where I got a little teary.

As for the ending itself, I wasn’t as furious as many others, but there were a few decisions that I seriously question. I don’t feel that there wasn’t enough choice for the ending, it did seem to follow the pattern BioWare had developed over the two previous games. Your choices affected who lived, who died and who was left together. However, I still don’t understand why BioWare felt it was necessary to destroy the Mass Relays, no matter which scenario you chose. I know they wanted some sort of finality, but that seemed like a clumsy way to do it and ended up creating more questions than it solved. I also thought it was lazy that certain characters could still show up at the very end, regardless of whether you brought them on the final suicide mission.

Name: Clare Shepard

Class: Vanguard

Morality: Mostly Paragon, but increasingly Renegade as crap started to hit the fan.

Final Level: 54

Body Count:

No one, because I spent too much time trying to get James’ attention before figuring out he wasn’t romance-able.

Total Hours Played:
29+ hours during which time I one-hundred percented almost all the side quests.

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  • Reply
    Haute Gamer (@HauteGamer)
    June 1, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    I highly recommend you play from ME1. But ME1 can get a bit sufferable and you would only play for the story. If not play at least ME2 with a customized ME1 save code since it really does enhance your story in ME3!

    Tbh, when I first saw James I was whatever about him, but I grew to like him a lot! Too bad he wasn’t romance-able!

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    June 1, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Yeah, I’ve watched most of Rick’s ME1 playthroughs, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of the story and we used one of his imported ME1 characters for our joint ME2 playthrough. I used that same profile for my ME3 playthrough, so I got all the benefits of importing a character, even if I didn’t have to do all the work myself.

    Speaking of James, have you seen this yet?

  • Reply
    June 28, 2012 at 11:07 am


    Just found this blog. I’m a huge ME fan and I must say that ME2 for me is deffently the best of the 3 games. I highly recomend you, as Haute did, to actually play both 1st and 2nd game mostly because ME1 gives you the best and most delicate story and ME2 gives you all the background for all of the followers which is nice.
    You talk of the ending, and yes alot of people has been flaming, and I’ve been one of the few who dared on puplic forums to say that I liked the ending – but had my think-moments where I wished they’d done something differently.. For my point of view I lacked a 100% paragon where I was allowed to survive, where the galaxy survives and most of my team survives, I know there are 14 different endcinematics where like 1 sec is different and in one of them you actually see your Shepard breathe, but I really wanted that beer all promised me! 😀
    I was so devastated to see that no matter what choice I picked, the Mass Relays would disapear and you would more or less die everytime, though I felt that BioWare did the right thing really… Mostly because you’ved been told that this whole event would be your personal doom. I had the feeling of “If they bloody kill me again a will rage!!”, instead i felt an inner peace, a bit sadness cause I hope for a ME4 or a MMO with the ME universe.
    Mass Effect is very close to my heart, and I thought I’d be playing it forever, but I’ve played it once, and I can’t make myself open it again due to too many death of beloved team members (hence you should play ME2)- I like you picked James in ME3 to discover he wasn’t “up for it” though in ME2, Thane was my pick and for me is the most fantastic char of all in the ME universe!

    Sorry for the wall of text! And btw, if ME interest you, look out for the ME(1,2 and3) movies which will be launced soonish (first movie should come out this year, though I doubt it) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1482455/

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      June 28, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      Hi Rikke! I’m so glad to find another ME addict. As I mentioned to Haute Gamer, I have actually played ME2 (my husband did the fighting, I made all the decisions) and I have to agree that it is the best in the series. I’m also totally clueless as to why the Mass Relays had to be destroyed, but at least some of the Extended Cut (have you played it yet?) endings sort of resolve that issue… I also agree that Shepard had to die at the end. ME3 was like once big long goodbye.

      My husband is a Thane guy. I’d have to say my first choice is Garrus, with ME3 Kaidan a close second (I hated him in ME1 and 2, but he kinda grew on me in the last game).

      I hope Bioware makes good on their hint to make more games in the ME universe. I for one would love to play as James in a prequel or something. Or maybe some sort of really long mission for the Elcor… the possibilities are really endless.

      Anyhow, guess I’m writing a novel too. Not really that excited for the ME movie(s), unless they get a really great director (Joss Whedon…?) Hollywood just screws up video game movies too often.

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