Dollar Store Decor: Planters and Clocks

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me more productive than being sick for the better part of the week. Most of last week was spent in my pajamas, drinking ginger ale, hoping the gremlins in my tummy would end their non-stop party. And as soon as I started to feel better I started tearing around the apartment, tackling as many postponed chores as I could manage.

The first project I wanted to share with you is this easy clock face fix. I’d thought of doing a full tutorial for it, but I think I’ll leave that until I manage something a little more creative with it. For now I just picked a new font in Photoshop and left things pretty traditional.

DIY Clock Face Redo
We’d picked up this clock at Ikea for about $1 shortly after we moved into our first apartment together and I’d been meaning to do something fun with it for awhile, but just never had the time or the inspiration. However, I noticed a couple of months ago that the original clock face was coming away from the back of the clock and had started to crumble. So, a quick fix was called for.

I started by taking the clock off the wall and prying it apart with a flat head screwdriver, being careful not to crack the plastic casings. I took the hands off of the clock motor and pulled off the remaining clock face, which shattered and crumbled into dust as I did so. Then, using Photoshop, I created a circle shape the same circumference as the clock face (using the dust cover as a reference) and set about choosing a font and colour for the new numbers.

I’m sure there’s some sort of complicated mathematical equation for figuring out exactly how and where to position your numbers for a project like this, but I just eyeballed it and I think it turned out just fine. After cutting out my circle and piercing a small hole in the middle for the clock motor and hand mechanism to stick trough I used a little tape to affix the new face to the back of the clock, put everything back together and mounted it back on the wall.

DIY Hanging Planter
My next little DIY was to create these awesome and easy hanging planters. I used this handy tutorial from fabric designer extraordinaire Skinny Laminx and a $2 spool of green nylon twine. I’ve whipped out two of them so far and I can’t say they took me more than 5 minutes a piece.

DIY Hanging Planter
The only difference between the two is that I added a third knot for the second one since the pot and the plant I wanted to hang were a little bit bulkier and I wanted to make sure they were as stable as possible. I can’t reiterate how easy they are to make, and with plant pots at the dollar store available for as little as $0.50, you could easily make up some super cute and super cheap mother’s day gifts for less than $5.

Fingerprint Tree over bed
This last photo isn’t a DIY project per se, but we finally got around to hanging our wedding fingerprint tree over the bed. Unfortunately, the evening of our wedding was very humid and the paper has started to bend and pull away from the plywood backing, but J-F has promised to fix that for us once he’s completed his Master’s later this summer.

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