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Gamerwife’s Ten Favourite FemSheps

Jeff Maesar Paragon FemShep

One of the greatest things about Mass Effect is how sophisticated and involved the character creation can be. No one’s FemShep is like any one else’s and players get understandably possessive of their space Commander avatars, building personalities, prejudices and loads of fan art. Below are 10 of my favourite examples of FemShep love.

10. Eric Persson’s Femshep is dark and determined, but still very feminine. Also love the lens-flare on the Reaper behind her.
Eric Persson FemShep


9. Lizzy’s FemShep is young and cartoon-y, but still polished. I really hope she finishes it.
Cartoon FemShep More Handclaps


8. Short-haired Jei Shepard has the look of an old soul with the weight on the Universe on her young shoulders.
Jei Shepard


7. There’s a quiet sensuality that I like in Gobeur’s rendering of Shepard.
Sexy Shepard and Liara


6. Jeff Maesar’s Paragon FemShep is a cheerful alternative to the broody masses.
Jeff Maesar Paragon FemShep


5. Jill Shepard is a bit of a ship nerd, which means she gets along well with Joker.
Black FemShep Jill Shepard


4. A melancholy Promise Shepard. Love the sketchy/watercolour-like style.
Young Short Haired Shepard


3. There’s almost a Sean Young vibe to Yumedust’s dark haired FemShep.
Yumedust Commander Shepard FemShep


2. DeviantArtist Natsuyume’s red headed FemShep has a nice graphic style to her and an air of determination on her face.
Natsuyume Commander Shepard


1. Okay, so you can’t see her face, but I love the painterly style of Cheeseboy18193’s FemShep.
FemShep Commander Shepard


What are your favourite examples of FemShep Fan Art?

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