Dime Store Decor

I’ve been working on putting together a “family wall” in the office since we moved in, but a lack of good pictures and appropriate frames have made it rather slow going. I’d printed out some pictures from my sister’s wedding two and a half years ago, but I wanted to display them together in the same frame and could never settle on the right one.

Then, last week I managed to score this awesome triple picture frame at a thrift store for $5, but the openings were 5 x 7 and my pictures were 4 x 6. So, I made a quick trip to the dollar store and picked up some cheap mattes (2 for $1), but they were for an 8 x 10 frame. Enter, a little DIY ingenuity.

After careful measurement (and one scrapped matte) I cut down the mattes so they would fit in the frame and fixed them together with some scotch tape. Then I put the photos into the mattes and fixed them with some tape too. I had to fiddle with them a bit because not all of the mattes were cut 100% evenly (I tried!), but eventually everything got straightened out.

My last bit of craftiness we in creating a way to hang the frame vertically, since the attached hanger was only oriented for horizontal hanging. A couple of tiny screws, some nylon thread and a little clear nail polish to glue the knots together and it was ready to hang.

What do you think?

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