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Earthbound & Mass Effect 2

Earthbound And Mass Effect |

Since I’d mentioned in my resolution check-in last week that I was in-progress on my video game goal, I figured I’d take a minute and talk about my experience so far.

As it turns out, I’m actually in the middle of playing two video games I’d like to finish. One, Earthbound, I’m playing on my own on my laptop using an emulator. After discussing what type of game I should try to finish, Rick and I decided that an old-school RPG would be my best bet. I don’t have the patience for twitch platforming and I still have trouble moving in 3D (especially when I have to move a camera at the same time) but I also wanted something with a story that I could follow as I progressed. I settled on Earthbound because of the sci-fi setting and it’s cult reputation.

As a game it’s pretty basic, having been released for the Super NES back in 1994, but it remains playable due to an extremely goofy Japanese sense of humour. Sometimes enemies don’t even attack, they just wobble drunkenly or grumble about “today’s youth”. Your neighbour’s father casually informs you that your father borrowed all his money and that’s why they live in poverty. And it never comes up again. Although I’m very far from completing it, I’m still very interested in seeing what wacky thing will happen next. The difficulty curve is notoriously ruthless, and even though I’ve been stuck on the same dungeon for the last three or four sessions I feel pretty confident that with enough grinding I’ll be able to finish it by the end of the year.

The other game I’m playing right now is Mass Effect 2, and for that one Rick and I are actually playing together. He’s handling all of the combat and moving around sort of stuff (although I’ve just started trying to manage getting around the Normandy on my own) and I’m taking care of all of the dialogue and story choices. It’s been really fun getting into my character (yes, I’m playing as FemShep) and I’ve even made some story choices Rick’s never seen before in his 4+ playthroughs. Plus, if we really buckle down we should even be able to finish before Mass Effect 3 is released!

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