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Nerdy Valentines Gifts

OK. Yeah. Valentine’s day is a shame. Just another lame attempt by our Corporate Masters to get us to buy more crap. Fine. We get it.

And yet, who can truly argue with a day set aside to let the people we love know that we do. Of course we’re supposed to do that everyday, but one extra special day doesn’t really hurt anyone? Does it?

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My favourite of the various Mass Effect Valentines doing the internet rounds.

Rick and I don’t usually do the gift thing, and we certainly don’t try to get reservations anywhere, but we do have our own little Valentine’s tradition of planning and preparing a super fancy meal together. However, for those of you wanting to make a little more of an impression this year, here are a few super cute ideas I stumbled across on the web:

8 bit Heart Pendant in Gold | Nerdy Valentines Gifts |

This 14 kt gold 8-Bit Heart Pendant manages to strike that perfect balance between super-nerdy and super-classy.

Also nerdy and classy are these Tetris themed cufflinks. Not to mention, extremely affordable.

For a nerdy twist on a classic Valentine’s Day gift, how about a Chocolate Invader? Made from 66% Costa Rican cacao and presented in a laser engraved wood box.

Keeping with the traditional thing, how about these 8-Bit Flowers?

And finally, what better way to say “you’re out of this world”, than a beautiful D20 carved from AN ACTUAL FRIGGIN’ METEOR?!

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