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Don’t Let Your Husband Do Your Make-Up

This was mean’t to be a “smoky-eye”, not, “I got beat up by a sparkly drag-queen”.

The backstory: Rick’s been listening to these “soft-spoken” make-up role-play videos before bed to help him relax. Apparently there’s this whole subculture on YouTube of “soft-spoken”, “whisper” and “relaxing” videos, of which role-playing is a further subculture. It sounds a little spooky and weird on the surface, but it’s actually harmless from what I can tell and listening to them in the evening really does seem to help Rick relax and has become an integral part of his pre-bedtime routine.

Now, since he found these make-up focused videos, he’s gotten it into his head that he knows about make-up. He even knows the names of the different brushes and stuff, so I figured it would be fun to let him have a go at doing my make-up. He was all into it too, and if nothing else it would be a cute way to bond and probably have a good laugh over.

And laugh we did. I tried my best to keep a straight face, but as soon as I felt that big fat brush smearing across the bottom of my eye I knew that Rick was in trouble. The panicked look on his face only reinforced my fears, but he was a trooper and insisted on continuing until my cheeks were highlighted and my teeth caked with lipstick. And while I did have to remove most of it before our friends came over, I was shocked to discover that the upper eye liner was actually pretty much fine.

So no, Rick hasn’t found his true calling, but we did have a good time and a very good laugh.

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