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Gamerwife Gift Guide: Kittehs!!1!

Since Rick and I have made peace with being crazy-ass cat people, I had to include a gift guide for our beloved Gatsby. Spoiled? My cat? Never.

1. Cat Scratch Kittie Turntable 2. Cat Playhouse (also available in fighter plane, firetruck and “cat”illac) Both from SUCK UK.

Along the same line are these Montreal made and designed cat houses by Loyal Luxe. 1. Chalet 2. Teepee.

If you’re as lazy as we are, a machine that randomly generates laser patterns for the cat to spazz out on sounds almost too good to be true. But it’s not! The DART is true. Available from FroliCat.

Stylish and cozy, the Cuna Crocheted Cotton Cat Bed would make a great place for anyone’s favourite ball of fur to curl up.

And last but not least, these organic catnip toys with nerd glasses are too much! Adoptable from Rad Cat.

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