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Gamerwife Gift Guide: Him

As yes, that lovely and spendy time of the year is nearly upon us yet again. So, to make your nerdy lives a little easier I’ve gone ahead and put together some gift guides together for you all. First up is stuff for dudes, although much of it would be cool if you were a dude or a chick. And hopefully I’ve found a few things you haven’t seen before.

Now, it would be very easy to just put the entire ThinkGeek catalog on here and call it a day, but here are two great items that would have been great for Rick if I hadn’t already gotten him a gorgeous wallet last year.

1. Check out this classy, yet nerdy leather wallet with a QWERTY keyboard embossed right into it.  2. Or, for the Arkham City/Comic Book Nerd there’s this badass Batarang money clip.

Chrono Trigger Combo Pack
Fangamer has these awesome combo packs of t-shirts and other themed goodies. You just have to choose your favourite game or franchise and away you go. I went with the Chrono Trigger pack since it’s one of Rick’s all time favs.

Got a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Got an old school gamer in your life? Then this gorgeous, hand made Space Invaders MAME Arcade Controller might be just the thing for you.

ST Sulu Cologne

For a great traditional, but still deeply nerdy gift, why not try this limited edition Sulu Cologne. Or if that’s a little too “exotic” for you, there’s also the Shirtless Kirk (I swear to God I am not making this up), Red Shirt and Tiberius scents to choose from. Not to mention Pon Far perfume for the ladies.

And of course let’s not forget this JEDI Do or Do Not hoodie. Perfect for the nerd trying to get into shape. Also available in green.

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