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It’s been just over a year since we moved into our current place, so the two boxes of books that were still sitting around were, understandably, starting to really get under my skin. Half of them should have been taken care of a year ago except that we got the wrong model of wall shelf at Ikea and never got around to returning it until it was too late. So there they were, two boxes, sitting on the floor, collecting dust. Trolling craigslist for used BILLYs was tempting, but the lack of delivery vehicle put the solution off, seemingly indefinitely. And then, a miracle.

Pine Bookcase

Bask in the glory!

Okay, not really a miracle. More like great timing. Right time, right place. On my way home from dropping off samples last week, I spotted a neighbour hauling bookcase parts onto the street. They were huge, unfinished… and 100% free. SOLD! The neighbour threw a note on the remaining parts and I started the arduous task of lugging the thing home bit by bit. I then decided that my body hadn’t had enough punishment and set about putting the thing together and then set about moving the existing bookcases around and reorganizing the books by theme and location. Then, I passed out.

Landing Strip

Much better

Bookcase with Stuffed Toys

Books in the bedroom!

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