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The Video Game Date

Inspired by that hilarious video of Harrison Ford playing an advanced copy of Uncharted 3 that’s been doing the rounds recently, Rick decided he wanted to replay Uncharted 2 (mostly so he could finish it), but he also really wanted me to watch him play it. So, we set a video game date.

I don’t usually just sit on the couch passively when Rick is playing a game. Sometimes I’ll sequester myself in the office and catch up on work, watch Netflix or play Glitch. Other times I’ll join him on the couch while knitting, blogging or playing a game on my laptop. But it’s rare that Rick actively invites me to join him for a particular game. Sure, we had a blast playing Portal 2, but even though Rick was in charge of the controller most of our playthrough, it still felt like I was playing “with him” since we were working together to solve the puzzles.

Uncharted 2 is a little different since it is more of an action-y shooter game, definitely not the sort of thing I’d be playing on my own and generally the sort of game that works better one on one. But I guess Mr. Ford’s assertion that the game is “so cinematic…” and Sony’s own advertising for the game that emphasized the viewer friendliness persuaded us both to give it a shot.

The evening began with Rick offering to take care of dinner, a rare event in and of itself, but the fact that he stuck to the menu plan and made something vegan was even more astounding. A proud soul, my husband, he more or less banished me from the kitchen, which lasted only until he cried “babe, [where’s the…/how do I…/what’s a…]”, but once he received his answer the banishment was back in full effect.

The game itself truly does live up to it’s cinematic reputation, with the tutorial level being set on a crashed train that is precariously dangling off a cliff. The action is swift and fluid and the characters, while stock, are funny and like-able. I’m not sure how younger gamers connect to Uncharted, not having the same connection to films like Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone that Rick and I do, but it’s the sort of game that mashes so many genres together that there really is something for everyone. It certainly helps that the camera work is impeccable, the level design is near genius and it’s a blast to play and watch.

So all in all, the video game date was a hit. We didn’t play that long, due mostly to my gnat-like attention span, which means we have lots of future dates to schedule.

And for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I present to you, Harrison Ford – Gamer:

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    October 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    My girlfriend sat down with me and watched as I played Ico recently, which y’know… has some puzzles we can figure out together and some moments we can gasp at together. If Rick’s anything like me, he was really excited that you partook. Way to take one for the team! : )

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