Handmade Holiday: DIY Day Planner

DIY Calendar

I am so proud of this one. While stumbling across the blogophere last night I happened across this Rena Tom post about establishing a routing when running a business at home. The advice offered in the article was standard enough: budget “me” time, draw up a calendar, etc. but what really struck me was the awesome picture of Etsy seller droplet‘s awesome fill-in the blank DIY planner calenders.

For $10 you get the full templates for three sizes of planners, full page (8 1/2 x 11), half page or hand bound. I wish I was crafty enough to tackle a hand bound version (and maybe I will be, one day); but even the full and half page versions are equal parts whimsical and practical. Just use stamps, coloured pens or crayons to fill in the months and days, then insert into a personalized binder.

And because they are templates you can make as many copies as you like. I was planning on just making one for myself, but after seeing how fun they are to customize I have a feeling that at least a couple people on my gift giving list will be getting one in their stockings.

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