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Glitch – The Happiest MMO

Glitch - The Happy MMO |

So, it finally happened. I joined an MMO. Predictably, it is a very cute and very simple MMO, similar to Farmville, but with interesting talent trees and light platforming elements. It’s called Glitch, and it’s set in an open world which you are rewarded for exploring and “upgrading” by planting trees and other actions.

In a mere 4 days I have already reached Level 10 and have amassed enough in-game currency to get myself a little house. I managed to luck out and find one with pigs and trees, so I’ll be generating lots of stuff to sell for cash. Rick has also joined the game and once he’s finished grinding so we’re at the same level we’re gonna try doing some quests together.

As with many such recent games, Glitch is free to play, but if you want more options and goodies you can shell out IRL money. The tone is playful and a little irrelevant, making it a good fit for people like Rick and myself. I usually don’t play for more than a couple hours at a time, but it’s a nice distraction when I need one.

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