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E3 & Where I’m at Right Now

First off, sorry I’ve been kinda M.I.A. This is due to a combination of both exciting and mundane reasons, but first, meet George:

Chrome Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

He’s a wedding gift/business investment & he’s been in daily use since we got him. Commence ooh-ing now.

Now on to E3. Basically, like most of you my enthusiasm hit a fever peak as the trade show kicked off on the 6th, complete with live tweet-a-thon, then quickly waned as I realized I was merely paroting a bunch of corporate propaganda, hitting a nadir when “Mr. Caffeine” hit the stage and solidified Ubisoft’s place as the most reliable source of press conference lulz. Then common sense set in and I opted to just wait for’s list of E3 fails and call it a night. My favourite bits of info: new Tomb Raider game-play footage, anything Mass Effect, including rumours of FemShep’s inclusion in some marketing & Skyrim’s random dragons.

However, being that I currently have no steady income, pining away for entertainment I cannot afford seems rather trivial right now & my interests have quickly moved to more productive outlets. Like George. And…

Knit Cat Toy
The Amazing Self-Felting Cat Toy!

Using some wool scraps & this ravelry pattern I made “good” use of my spare time by making Gatsby a new catnip toy. He loved it so much he groomed it until it was fuzzy and then rubbed it all over his little kitty head. At least someone appreciates my work.

As for the exciting news, I am plugging away at setting up my home-based vegan cupcake business. I’ve got a domain name, business registration and a head full of dreams. More details to come.

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