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What a Difference a Year Makes

It’s been a hell of a year. And while this is a little late in the blogosphere habit of end/start of year listical making, here’s some highlights of what I’ve done.

I retired from film criticism.
I started eating meat again.
I celebrated Easter in NY.
I got engaged and started planing a wedding.
I went apple picking for the first time.
I moved. Again.
I started smoking again. And quit. And started again. And quit.
I joined a D&D game.
I flew to Vancouver on a whim and scared the crap out of my parents.
I got a conditional promotion.
We took Gatsby to the Vet twice and were told that “he’s weird” and “he’s fat.”

And now for some resolutions:
1. Get my allergies under control.
2. Never, ever, ever, ever start smoking again.
3. Start doing Yoga or Pilates at least once a week and get my weight down by a min. of 5 pounds.

Things to look forward to:
PAX East
My first Canadiens game at the Bell Center
Honeymoon to Japan

Can’t wait to see what else the fates have in store for me.

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